~Adam's POV~

"I-I'm sorry." she sobbed, clear liquid brimming along her lower eyelid.

"I'm s-so sorry." She tightened her grip upon my broad shoulders, as if I was being pulled away. Her pale lips quiver.

"I-I need to leave. I don't deserve your love."

My eyes, as do Ty's, widen in surprise. We give eachother looks and face the upset little one again.

"What do you mean leave?" I ask her, concern peircing the tone of my usually smooth voice. I could feel every shaking second my fingers were working, trying to pick up what she said.

"It's fate. I knew it was coming."

"Wait, are you... no, you're not dying are you?" I asked, the deepest concern I've ever had for another being coating my words.

"I'm afraid that's already happened." She claimed, icey coldness in her tone. I stood up, my mouth agape.

"Wh-what do you mean?" my voice was shaky, what DID she mean?

"I wish I could explain. I wish I could tell you two why I can no longer be with you, I wish I could tell you why I ever met you. I wish I could."

I regain my knees upon the sidewalk, my lithe hands on my legs, shoulders flared and looking up to her. She was barley holding herself up, she was weak. She was almost getting paler. As if she was...  fading...

I must be imagining. I'm so stupid.

She steps away from me, sunken and glazed eyeballs eyeing me all over. She was still shaking as from before, and her now veiny hands looked skeletal.

"Well, Adam and Ty, even though I won't be able to speak to either of you for many years to come, I'll be gone, I want you to both know that I have never been happier living with anyone, ever." she said, a small smile managing to crack through her dry lips.

Neither me nor Ty can shield ourselves from the dark cloud that overturns us both after that sentence. I slit my mouth, hoping to silence the hiccuping sobs.

"I cannot wait for those years." I said, a smile trying desperatly to grow on my face, but failing.

She takes a glance behind her, into seemingly nothing, a harsh gasp coming from her lips, eyes wide.

"I... I've got to go now." she claims, sorrow melting in her voice, her burning eyes gathering driplets once again.

She brings her lengthy arms to her sides and backs up, eyes down and shadowed as death himself.

She stands tall, not proud, but tall.

"I might as well tell you now, " she says, taking a a heavy, hiccuping breath.

"I'm not as what I seem, I'm a guardian from above, without me you too, well, would join my parents, me as well."

She pauses, allowing me and Ty to process what she said.

"I'm dead, I died along side my sisters, and they wouldn't allow me into the gates if not for a final dying deed, to care for 2 humans in particular."

Wait, what was she saying? She... died?

"I-I" She continued, small tears pricking her eyelashes. "I just, I need to go now... good bye..." She finished, her eyes closing, and she turned away.

I followed her, as did Ty, and we both closed out eyes.

"Goodbye, Sarah."

We slowly opened them again, and there was...


She was gone, like a illusion, like smoke in the wind. No running, no hasty retreats.


She was gone.




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