Chapter 1: Born a Meta

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It was the night that the Particle Accelerator would go off. You yourself had no interest in such an event that you decided to go out and get something to eat. Central City was beautiful at night and even though there was no Hood or Vigilante it was still a city low on crime. While you were wandering out trying to get to Jitters hoping they were open you noticed a man chasing someone who had a purse in their arms. You were going to chase them until the first guy (who wasn’t holding the purse) got knocked out and a cop showed up. Normally you hated cops and but Central City’s was WAY better than your hometown’s cops. After that encounter you got to Jitters but was closed.

"Typical,” you say. “The one place that’s always open is now closed on a night like this.”. After you said that it started to storm and then you thought 'Are you kidding me' as you went for shelter next to Jitters. Then by luck you saw the Accelerator go off and it looked more beautiful than Central City’s landscape. So you caught a cab home and you thankfully had some money on you.

“Have a good night” you say to the driver. When he pulls away you see CCPD and think ‘At least you have some good guys'. As you think this a bolt of lightning hits CCPD. You stare in shock and run towards the police department without thinking to stop whether there might be someone there. You arrive 10 minutes later and find that the doors are open and you go to the floor you saw the lightning strike and your eyes dart toward the man on the floor. After you call the cops and ambulance you notice that it’s the same guy you saw earlier that night.

You desperately try to perform CPR then suddenly you get zapped by the man. You jump back in pain as you notice that there’s a bit of lightning traveling throughout your arm and you leave in shock now worrying about yourself knowing that cops and paramedics would arrive. You manage to get back to your house. It was small but has a good living environment. You go on the couch and see the damage on your arm you then all of a sudden there’s a stinging pain throughout your body and you collapse of shock (literally).

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