Chapter Nine

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I followed him as he led me down the hall I had just came from .

I needed to find my mother and make sure she was alright.

I felt like an idiot for forgetting about my mother, how could I forget about the woman who birthed me.

The guilt hit me as I realized not only had I forgot my mother I had been to wrapped up in my own foolish​ affairs to even think about what they had did to my mother.

What a fool I am. It may have only been a day but it made me feel horrible. So as I ran to catch up with the fast walking man who feared my fury, I made sure to remember every turn and twist so I could find her on my own later on if needs be.

"Catch up flower, I promise I won't bite." I rolled my eyes and his comment. If he didn't I probably would. And not in a way he would like.

Realizing I was falling a little too far behind, I started running as fast as my tiny legs would carry me.

Abruptly, he stopped and I ran into his back. I stumbled and managed to regain my footing with the help of Alexander's arm wrapped around my waist.

"Careful flower, wouldn't want one of your petals to wilt now would we?".

I grimaced and snatched his arm from around my waist.

"And we wouldn't want one of your body parts to magically break now would we Alexander?".

He licked his lips and smirked, "Touche flower, touche.".

I watched as he turned and produced a large key ring with different sized keys scatter around it. As if he was a genius he picked a brass key that looked exactly like the lock on the door. He pushed it in the lock and turned.

It opened and the smell of roses and lilac touched my nose.

I entered the room before Alexander and immediately went to the small mahogany bed my mother slept on.

She looked so weak and frail. Her vibrant blonde hair was overwhelmed with grays.

I choked out a sob as my mother's wheeze hit my ears as I moved closer. How could she be this sick?

She's always been so healthy and energetic, and looking at her now, I see. I see the frown lines. I see the crows feet. I see the age marks. I see the wrinkles. I see the deep set eye sockets. I see the thinning hair line. I see the age. I see how old my mother has gotten. I see how her age has started showing. I've never saw this part of my mother before. I never saw how weak she was getting. She hid it so well.

I caught a tears as it trailed down my cheek.

"Mother. I'm so sorry I forgot about you. I never even thought of you this whole time. I'm so selfish."

"No you aren't."

I gasped as my mother's frail and boney hand lifted and rested on my silk clad shoulder.

"Gene you are the most selfless person I know. You would give someone in need the scraps off your back if it meant you were helping them in anyway. I want you to know that no matter how hard it may seem, you are worth a million pounds of gold. You are the most precious flower in all of the kingdom. And even if I'm not there to tell you I want you to know that you should never accept less than you are worth."

She coughed and my worry grew.


She waved her hand.

"No Gene. You need to know this. I don't have much time left. I lived sixty eight wonderful years in this world. Having a child and a husband throughout most of that time, has made me feel so happy. You are my son. Never forget your roots. You are a wonderful person who deserves the best life can offer you. I want you to accept whatever comes your way and conquer it. Don't run from it like me and your father and his father before him did. Accept it Gene. Accept it."

I hiccuped as my mother's hand went limp on my shoulder. Her breath stopping after her last words were uttered.

I can't believe that in less than a day, I had lost my mother, my freedom, and the only refuge I had.

I wiped my tears and kissed my mother's still warm forehead.

She almost died alone. I almost let my mother die alone. I was stupid. I was selfish.

"I want my mother to have a beautiful funeral. If you can deliver that. I will, I will become your queen."

I will no longer be that way. I will live up to my mother's words and be the person she thought me to be.

My life will now change, from this moment on.

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