Chapter Eleven - Tranquility

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My bed was stiff. 

The mattress felt as though it had been filled with rocks while I'd been downstairs eating breakfast. I was so sure, but Cammie had told me that I was just nervous. She, however, seemed as calm as the ocean before a storm. 

Knowing Cammie, though, there was no storm. She was just going to sit through it with me and be completely comfortable with whatever happened. I knew her, and I was unbelievably envious of her for that.

She was wearing one of my dresses – a forest-y green with cream-colored roses spotted it – and though it bagged on her slender figure just enough to make me calculate just how many Olgtarts I wanted versus how many I should want, she looked stunning. Stunning and comfortable.

How are you so calm?, I asked for the hundredth time since we'd walked into my room.

Cammie dropped the fabric near the hem of the dress and it was obvious that she'd found the stain there by the way she'd been scratching at it like crazy for the last minute and a half. How are you not? It's just June.

Exactly! It's my sister. My sister who I gave a shit time to about her going out last night directly before I went out myself! I sagged back on my bed and was welcomed by the softness of the fluff within the mattress before becoming instantly uncomfortable and flopping around trying to escape whatever was causing my bed to feel like rocks again.

A hand smacked against my knee and I reached my neck up but kept my back to the uncomfortable bed. You're being a baby.

At that, I bolted up. No, I'm being reasonable. What if she tells Pa?

Then you tell him that she went out and you followed after her to make sure she was okay and lost track of her, she signed with a nonchalant expression on her face as if she weren't the most devious being on the continent.


She nodded. Something wrong with that?

I paused, considering. Did I mind blackmailing my sister? I'm not really sure, I answered truthfully.

June had never really had her fun, and I'd be playing a bad hand to sell her out in order to save my own skin. Still, maybe it'd be worth it. Pa didn't react well to us wandering around in the night and he wouldn't understand if I tried to explain that I knew how to be safe. It's not that he didn't trust us; he was just protective to a fault.

Calm down. Just talk to her like a normal person and stop hyperventilating. She can't get you in trouble. She's only a year older than you! Why are you so scared? I could see Cammie laughing at me, so I rolled over to block her from view, squishing my belly and chest against the uncomfortable mattress. She didn't get my attention against until June came in and sat on the bed next to me. Only then did I sit up. Cammie was right. I shouldn't be scared.

Care to explain where you were last night?

I didn't hesitate. Blues & Babes and then the beach with Cammie and Jackson.

Something like annoyance flashed in her eyes, but at least I couldn't detect any anger. Why?

I shrugged half-heartedly. It's kinda become tradition.

June was trying and only half-succeeding to keep her features neutral. This isn't the first time?

Cammie cut in, both signing and speaking. We've gone a couple times and we go to Blues & Babes once or twice a month together. She only grinned at me as June swiveled her neck back to me with an unreadable expression.

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