Chapter 30- Aw, Little Kemi

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   Haru, holding my hand, walked downstairs. Most people either didn't notice, or thought we were just playing like we used to. We both laughed as we opened the door to Hatori's office. "Hey Da-" I instantly stopped as I took in the scene of the room.

   Hatori was sitting in his desk, and 3 other people sat in the room. Akito... a woman with short black hair and brown eyes, and a man with slightly messy brown hair and purple eyes. The woman wore a maroon skirt and matching blazer with a blue shirt, making it look like she was a make-up sales woman. The man wore a blue button down and dress pants. I stared at the man and woman, confused. 

   Akito smiled. "Hello Akemi... how was the first day of the school term?" He asked in his sick voice. "It was fine..." I mumbled, stepping back. "I... was just leaving... Haru and I were working on a project." Hatori nodded, as if to say, "smart choice". Haru nodded. "Yes... I wanted to see if it'd be fine if I could walk her home." Akito smiled. "Hatsuharu... knowing you... you'd just get lost in the process." Haru was obviously irritated. I bit my lip. Why is he here now? Why is he still the anti-christ?!!

   Akito smiled at me... kind of... polite-ish... "Akemi... stay a while longer." I opened my mouth to protest... then I saw a flash of my nightmare. "Okay..." I murmured quietly. Akito hugged me. i immediatey stiffened. "Akemi... calm down..." he said into my ear, hugging me tighter, digging his nails into my back, drawing some blood. "We're all friends here..." Fat freaking chance... I nodded, and obeidiantly sat down, next to Hatori though... scared of Akito, and the 2 new people. I just sat there, quietly.

   "Excuse me, how old are you?" The lady asked. Ooh! Brtish accent. "I'm 15..." I mumbled. The woman smiled and looked knowingly at the man as if proud. Am I missing something here? The man sighed. "Well... it's been a while." He said. Eh? The woman elbowed him, dissaprovingly. He sighed. "Nothing..." he murmured. Uhhhhhhhh.... what? I looked at Hatori pleadingly. He just avoided eye contact. "Akemi... you should meet Sakura and Kaito Sohma." Ahh... of course their family... well... I know they're not zodiac members... I don't know how... but those names are so familiar...

   "Nice to meet you..." I said, quietly. Look bro... I'm socially awkward around teenagers... imagine what I'm like around adults... yeah... exactly... Akito smirked. "What was that Akemi? ... I didn't hear you...". 

   Jesus Christ... if he doesn't shut the hell up... I'll bust a Kamehameha all up in his grill... 

   "N-Nice to meet you!" I repeated louder. The people seemed surprised by Akito's power over me. But, it's not Akito controlling me... it's the fear of what he might do...

   The woman stood up. "Excuse me while go use the lou..." She walked out of the room, and the man smiled at me. "Do you want some tea, Akemi?" I slowly nodded my head as he poured me a small cup. I took a tiny sip, then twiddled my thumbs. Eventually, the woman came back.

   Akito stood up and cleared his throat. "I think it's about time I properly intoduce you..." Hatori paled. "Akemi... I would like you to meet Sakura and Kaito Sohma... mother and father of Akemi Adela-Grace-Elizabeth Sohma..." My eyes widened. These people are my parents... no way... no way in hell...

   Kaito moved toward me, as if to hug me, but I stood up and jolted back. "You can't hug me! I'll-" It was too late as my mother and father hugged me. "Transform..." I finished. Sakura smiled. "You're so cute!" I sighed. "But when I turn back I'll be..." POOF! "Naked..." I tried to gather up my clothing as quickly as I possibly could. Then I saw Akito smile. It looked like he was being a huge perv and was smirking at my chest, but then it registered. Some green blotches were still on my rib-cage area from when he beat me. Seriously... that's how bad it got... I grabbed my clothes covered up my chest and genitals and ran out. I stumbled into Hiro along the way. "Put some clothes on... or people are gonna think you're some kind of prostitute... I mean... do you really want others to suspect that?" I growled. "SHOVE OFF!" I yelled as I ran into the bathroom. 

   I came out and Haru was waiting for me. "Hey Akemi..." He said softly. I felt tears well up and hugged him. "Hey..." I said, softly. "Akemi... I know you don't want to... but if you have to cry... do it... it's only human..." That, being the last thing I wanted to hear, caused me to collaspe, fall to my knees, and cry. I cried for the loss of control, understanding, and for fear of whatever was going to come next.

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