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So I know alot of you guys have been recently reading my last updates and let me just tell you ....THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH !!!! I really love you all you guys are the best and I'm so grateful for you all i and I'm so glad you guys have taken me this far in my journey of writing like seriously i couldn't have done it without you guys .

So i'm just gonna get straight to the point because I've been reading your comments recently and I've noticed you guys are confused and others are just stating your opinion . So yeah . As an author i can see where you guys are coming from but i just wanted to apologize to all my faithful readers that have been there since chapter one since the intro to be exact because seriously it shows me that my work is actually worth it at the end of the day and it makes me sooo so happy that you guys like my work because in all honesty i really didn't think it would get this far .

As you all know I've been kinda slow on the updates and it's because of several reasons which i think that you guys deserve to know some of them . So yeah  •-• . Ima just list them out cuz why not .

1. I have been busy working on some family problems and i have been jumpig from my dads house to my moms house because well we have alot of issues me and my mom . •-• just gonna leave it at that . And my father really doesn't like me using my phone alot because it's "rude" when you're with family but he can be ignoring us the whole day and basically we can't say shit .

2. Another one of the reasons is because I've been struggling with my social anxiety dissorder which doesn't let me do alot of things and on top of that i get depressed easily and it doesn't really help because i lose inspiration to what i wanna write and i just sit in a corner and overthink my life too much .

3. In order to keep myself from doing irrational things or as most people call it stupid stuff the therapist recomended for me to play guitar and sing because she knows i love to do that and it's one of the things that keeps me happy. So yeah .

4. And very important I have no update scheduele like at all . *Looks down* •-• I know sad but true . Because I never know what's gonna happen the next day and i hate to leave my readers hanging .


So i know alot of you guys are wondering why did Juvia kiss Jack and why is she acting like a, you could say i guess 'SLut' she really isn't guys the point of Juvia and Jack is that no matter how long it has been sometimes you never lose feelings for someone and even though it's hard you'll sometimes do things that might hurt or enrage others in this case Natsu because Lyon isn't really anything to Juvia but a best friend .

Another fact that I wanna set out is that in my other story 'Never say Never' or as I like to call it a very professional Lemon that involves NaVia . I think i wrote something sexual for like each chapter which is ridiculous and quite funny lol .

Anyways the point of the book is actually supposed to be like a flashback story and different points of views so yeah . Anyhow yes as you all may have been putting in the comments Natsu did in fact cheat on her and when I used the term torturing I meant that he has a high level of kinks and he loves to be dominant during his sexual activities that he does with Juvia . Let me be very clear when I say that i highly don't recomend this for readers under the age of 15 or below . Idk guys really this is alot to take in at least for me and I'm just giving you all a very fair warning so just letting you guys know .

Anyways thank you all so much and I can't wait for the next chapters there's gonna be tons of surprises . And also pm me if you want my kik . I'd love to get to know my readers some more and also don't forget the contest for the interview is coming up soon so yeah I hope you guys are just as excited as I am . Love you all and i hope you're having a fantastic summer .

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