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L E O ' S   P. O. V.

LEO FIGURED he had the worst luck in the group, and that was saying a lot. Why didn't he get to have the long-lost sister, awesome sword fighting skills and the ability to save the world, or the movie star dad who needed rescuing? All he got was a tool belt and a dragon that broke down halfway through the quest. Maybe it was the stupid curse of the Hephaestus cabin, but Leo didn't think so. His life had been unlucky way before he got to camp.

A thousand years from now, when this quest was being told around a campfire, he figured people would talk about brave Jason, terrifying Georgia, beautiful Piper, and their sidekick Flaming Valdez, who accompanied them with a bag of magic screwdrivers and occasionally fixed tofu burgers.

If that wasn't bad enough, Leo fell in love with every girl he saw—as long as she was totally out of his league.

The first time he saw Georgia, marching through a crowd of demigods, a blood red sword at her side, Leo thought, Really gorgeous, and really deadly. All Leo ever wanted! He desperately wanted to talk to her on his first day at camp, but every time she opened her mouth Leo cowered back. She was venomous. And when he found out she was a daughter of Ares, Leo almost laughed. He thought she was way too pretty to be a daughter of Ares, Aphrodite for sure. But then he got to know her, and he was glad he never said that to her. Because she would definitely stab him in the face. And she was into Jason, Leo could tell. All the pretty girls with deadly weapons were.

When he first saw Thalia, Leo immediately thought she was way too pretty to be Jason's sister. Then he thought he'd better not say that or he'd get in trouble. He liked her dark hair, her blue eyes, and her confident attitude. She looked like the kind of girl who could stomp anybody on the ball court or the battlefield, and wouldn't give Leo the time of day—just Leo's type!

For a minute, Jason and Thalia faced each other, stunned. Then Thalia rushed forward and hugged him.

"My gods! She told me you were dead!" She gripped Jason's face and seemed to be examining everything about it. "Thank Artemis, it is you. That little scar on your lip—you tried to eat a stapler when you were two!"

Leo laughed. "Seriously?"

Georgia snorted. "Sounds like him. Always trying to do things that'll get you hurt." At first Leo thought she was mad at him, but he saw the admiration in her eyes. Yeah, she was super into Jason.

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