Chapter 12 (Biff)

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         The car ride was quite but we made it to a nice house. Biff opened to car floor like gentleman and walked inside with him.
        "Y/n, I want to tell you something. I-"
       "No, Biff I don't want to hear it!"
       "Just hear me out and listen. I had an abusive father. I thought that he might kill me. The abuse made me mad and at added up rage was used on the pals and others. At the party I was going to say sorry and then the pals started to bully me as payback. So I got mad and used you. I'm sorry about that day and today. I used to love you. But I love Sabrina and she won't hear me out. Please y/n help me. I love you like a sis and using you was wrong but they really upset me and so I decided to make them jealous and I'm really sorry." He had tears rolling down his face but he used me but he loved me like a sister. I give him a good hug. I had never seen this side of him.
        "You should have said sorry when I was around."
        "I can't change what I did."
        "Its ok. Its ok. Lets go say sorry."
        "Thank you y/n. Oh and it really hurt when you kicked me in the balls." he said as we walked back to the car. I laughed. We first go to the pals house. I ring the door bell. Denis answers.
        "Oh hey y/- What's he doing here." Denis says as he gets really to fight.
        "Denis go get the others, trust me." Denis got the others and they looked mad.
        "Guys I am so sorry." Buff said. The guys but their fists down as Biff explained. We then went to my house and Sabrina was mad but I told her to listen and her and Biff were back together.
        Today I solved a problem and I felt good. Biff made some mistakes but who doesnt. What I did was right and I felt good about it. Biff and Sabrina went to the beach and enjoyed their time together again. I went to see the pals and we hung out the rest of the day. When I got home I realised I had not made a video some I did one quickly and sent it to Sabrina computer and went to bad pleased with how the day had gone.

        Y/n was the sister I never had. She was very lucky, but the pals were luckier to have a chance with her. And if they ever hurt her...
       Hanging out with sabrina was the best thing since before the party. I really did love her.

        I'm glad that Biff said sorry. I frees room in my mind. Biff was abused by he's accually pretty nice and a gentalman. I can see why Sabrina dates him. I have never seen this side of him. Though I probably would have if me and the guys did not osume. I should have known. They say a bully is created from pain by others. The other was his father. Its over now. I go to bed.

        Biff is so sweet. Thanks for reading and thanks for everything guys. I hope you liked this story. 😝
Btw your still beautiful and awesome💖

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