Chapter 8

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Sky's pov-
      Me-Bart my answer is.........Yes I'll go
Bart-great we leave in 3 days our first stop is Dallas Texas
Me-okay great bye Bart
Bart-bye sweet heart
"Guys I'm going to magcon and we leave in 3 days" I said when I walked down to the kitchen
"What but you just got here you can't leave" they all said
"Ik but it's not like it's forever it's just for a month or two" I said
"A month or two what will zach do what will we do" Logan said
"Logan you spent 5 years without me you can wait 2 months and zach has lived his whole life without me he'll be fine" I said
"But he'll die if he looses you" Logan said
"He lost me as soon as he cheated and if he will supposedly die if he looses me then why is he still breathing" I said almost crying
"It's time for you to feel what I felt when you left me in Ohio and moved to L.A for 5 years" I said running upstairs and packing my bags
"Bye" I screamed walking out the door
*ring ring ring*
"Hello" he said
"Hey um Matt im coming over for a few nights" I said
"Okay we'll leave for magcon together then" he said
"Um yeah ok be there soon" I said
"Okay see you soon" he said
So yeah now I'm going to stay with Matt until Magcon comes around this will be fun

(Sorry this was a short chapter! I've been busy so sorry also please check out my new book called I got you its me letting my marvel heart loose)

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