Chapter 23

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Hey guys! I actually updated when I said I would, for once 😂 anyways enjoy!

David - "Hey Zane not sure if you remember but I just got out a car accident"
Zane - "Oh yeah, sorry dude"
He said that laughing while eating his Taco Bell.
David - "Where is this short cut anyways?
He just grinned

*Over To Liza And Gabbie*

Liza's POV :
The pain is bad but I think I can handle it... the contraction are 5 minutes apart now and we're almost at the hospital.
Gabbie - Not much longer, we've just got to... SERIOUSLY! NOW?!
I look up and see the longest traffic jam ever.
Liza - Crap, Crap Crap! How're gonna g-get out of this?
Gabbie - Okay... okay... I know what to do but it's gonna be difficult. I've got to try to turn around then go down this short cut Zane showed, it'll be a little longer to the hospital but it'll be worth it.
Liza - "Do it."
Gabbie put the car in reverse and swung the car around without hitting anything.
Gabbie - "Well that was stressful"
We both let out a laugh and speed up
Gabbie - "Its up here, not to long now. How're you holding up?"
Liza - "O-"
Gabbie slammed onto the breaks and looked in front of her. She let out a laugh and smiled.
I look up and see David and Zane right in front of us smiling, I just smile and laugh.

Sorry this chapter was so short 😬 I'll be updating again at the weekend. This book still has a few chapters left but after this I think I might write a Scotty and Kristen and one of just the whole gang? Which one? And thank you all so much for 25.4k read ❤! Anyways hope you enjoyed, Thank for reading! Little white girl is outttttttt! Byeeeeeee! Xox

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