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v. making history

━ ❝ people will read stories about us one day ❞

━ ❝ people will read stories about us one day ❞

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NEVERLAND WAS MORE magical than Arabella had first thought. The island was a dream, it almost seemed fake. Each individual tree stood proudly amongst its peers. Crystal clear water rushed up onto the shore to greet the warm, soft sand. She had only seen the shoreline and a bit of the jungle, but the magnificence she could see was awe-striking.

Malcolm had not let go of her hand. He tugged gently, guiding her to the tree that held the pixie dust that would make them fly. Excitement coursed through both of their veins with each passing step. Arabella wished that they could stay. Making a permanent home for the two of them on Neverland would solve their problems. But she could not stay, Ivy would find her a bring her home, no doubt killing Malcolm as a punishment.

They finally reached the tree. Malcolm stopped, pulling his hand out of hers almost unwillingly. He smiled softly. "Stay here. I'll be right back." With a swift stride, he was already climbing the tree. Just from her line of sight, Arabella saw coral colored flowers, a sunshine yellow dancing around the tips.

She had not realized when he jumped back down due to her gazing around. Malcolm raced over, stopping just in front of her. In his palms lied simple looking dust. Arabella's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, her eyes narrowing. "This is the pixie dust? This is what will make us fly?"

He nodded, not saying anything. Their bodies were close enough for Malcolm to reach over and sprinkle some dust on the two of them. "You have to believe in order for it to work?"

Arabella bit her lip. She took a deep breath, exhaling. Her feet lifted off the ground, followed by Malcolm's. In surprise, she lashed out and captured his arm, casting a fearful glance at him. He chuckled teasingly. "What are you scared of flying Aria."

Giving him a playful look, their arms untwinned and they both flew up into the sky. She laughed at him when he tumbled back. Once he regained his composure, he smirked. "Malcolm what are you-" He didn't let her finish as he flew forward, wrapping his arm around her waist, flying rapidly up and over the island.

The princess screamed, making him laugh. Arabella pushed him again, trying to conceal a smile that spread over her features. She looked down to see what the island had to offer. Her excitement grew. The jungle extended further but stopped in some patches to allow some empty room. From what she could see, there were a few streams, the water identical to the ocean.

"It's so beautiful."

Malcolm smiled, chuckling again. "Not as beautiful as you."

A grin was sent his way, followed by a fake eye roll. "Thank you. I think you're beautiful too." Their warm hands found each other and they did not let go.

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