1~Meeting the old.

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Marie-Anne's POV

"Your honor, the defendant's parents have a private jet and may leave the country any time they please," A.D.A Brown says or as I like to call him Tyler.

"Your honor, the family has strong ties to the community and they run a multi-dollar company, I assure you that they will not leave," I shoot back. Tyler eyes me head to toe and licks his lips. I smirk at him and look at the mean judge sitting in front of me.

"The defendant raped and murdered a young girl," Tyler says speaking more to me than the judge.

"He did not, the only thing my client is guilty of is his choice of friends," I say back looking straight into his eyes.

"Enough," the judge says banging her gavel, "counselors approach," she says calling us to her.

The click of my heels against the floor can be heard as I make my way to the judge, "Brown this is not a trial, I don't want to know whether the defendant is guilty or not," the judge says to Brown.

"Sorry, your honor," he says.

"And I will not have this nonsense in my courtroom, so you guys better get your act together," she says to the both of us. I nod my head and go back to my seat. "Bail will be set at two million dollars," she says banging her gavel once more. Both Tyler and I nod our heads and grab our stuff from the table.

My client's dad approaches and gives me a handshake, "thank you, Ms. Jean, I will go do the bail paperwork please meet me at my office after," he says leaving my presence. I look over at my client as the courtroom officers take him to get his handcuffs off.

I grab my stuff and make my way out of the courtroom, "Jean," Tyler calls me as I reach the court's steps, "was what you did earlier necessary?" He asks in his British accent as he approaches me. That accent drives me crazy, why couldn't he just have an American accent or an African accent but no it had to be British.

"You started it," I say back, he chuckles and gives me a hug. "Will I see you tonight? I miss you," he whispers in my ear. I let him hug me as I smell the cologne he was wearing, he always smelt good.

"No, I got work to do," I whisper back, "now let go of me people are watching," I say pulling away from the hug. He gives me a sad face because I pulled away giving me a chance to study him: his oval face, his tight jawline, his bushy eyebrows, his brown eyes, his chocolate skin, his pearly white teeth, and those muscles; damn those muscles.

The press covers my client as he tries to get in a cab asking him why did he get arrested and did he really rape and murder that young girl, that's when I realize that I had a job to do. "I have to go," I tell Tyler.

"Bye sweetheart," he says leaving the steps and getting in a cab. I Immediately get over to my client and push the press away telling them no comment.


"You needed to see me, sir?" I ask as I enter his office.

"Well Marie-Anne, may I call you Marie-Anne?" I nod my head and let him continue, "my son is in a tough spot right now," he says.  I should be telling him, he better be happy his son is only a minor.

"I know sir, I am doing my best," I tell him and he chuckles. I don't know what the heck is funny. Someone knocks at the door and he tells them to come in, I turn around and see the last person I wanted to see. My jaw drops, but I try to keep my composure. You can't even move to keep someone from finding you these days.

"Marie-Anne this is my attorney Dylan Ar-"

"Dylan Argent, I know who he is, skip the introductions," I say, when did he move here?

"Of course you do, Dylan this is Marie-" he says trying to introduce me to Dylan.

"I know who she is," he says taking the empty seat next to me. I have seen him in the news, but I can't believe he is next to me right now; memories I wanted to forget come back to me. After eight years, he hasn't changed one bit except for his facial hair. His black suit hugged his body tightly causing his large muscles to appear. He notices me checking him out and does the same to me.

"Are you replacing me, sir? If so, you have to tell my firm not me," I tell him when I realize what was going on. If he already has a lawyer, why did he hire me?

"No I wouldn't, Dylan here is a civil lawyer he does not do crimes," he says putting his two hands together. I nod my head waiting for him to continue. Like, get to the point old man.

"It came to my attention that," by coming to your intention you mean you dug it up, "you have a lot of student loans to pay for law school," he says. Yeah, like I didn't already know that, thanks for reminding me. "I want to increase your pay," he adds.

"Sir, if you want to do that you'll have to do it through my firm not personally," I say ready to get my bag and leave.

"No, I think I have to do this with you personally," Dylan goes through his briefcase and gets out a yellow envelope. He hands it to me and I take the papers out of the envelope and start reading what it said.

"Sir, I can not do what you are asking me, I'd be putting my career on the line," I say after reading the paper.

"Not really, this case can either make or break your career, so I advise you to take a second look at it," I look over at Dylan who is also nodding his head with his boss. How did he get so, like this? He rubs his fingers against his unshaved jaw and waits for me to agree with them.

"Sir, you're asking me to read a false doctor's report in open court. I might lose my license, I am not doing that," I say slamming the papers on his desk.

"Mhmm, listen to me little girl, you need this case, not me. You need me, it's not the other way around. Now don't be naïve," he says pushing the papers towards me.

"Listen, old man, you were right about one thing only this case can make my career, but it will not break it. Now, you need me to get your punk ass son out of his situation, I don't need you. Unless you can get Johnnie Cockran down here to take your son's case, I'm the best choice you have," I tell him getting up from my seat. I probably will regret my words later, but I will not let this man sit here and disrespect me.

"Who's Johnnie Cockran?" He asks Dylan.

"He's this legendary lawyer that worked with O.J. Simpson and got him out of a murder charge," Dylan informs him.

"Can we get him?" He asks.

"No sir," Dylan tells him staring at me, "he's dead."

"Now if you are done with your history lesson," I tell them, "I'm one of the best defense attorneys in this city, you will not be disrespecting me. Take y'all money and stuck it up y'all white asses," I say already leaving the door. "See you in court sir and make sure your stupid ass son don't violate his bail," I say leaving the room. I slam the door and make my way to the elevator.

"Marie-Anne," someone behind me calls. I stop dead in my tracks and close my eyes, hearing the similar voice made me go back to old times.

"What?" I ask turning around to face Dylan.

"Stick my money up my white ass, really?" He asks with a chuckle. I don't know if he thinks I am playing, if he needs help I'll stick it up there for him.

"I'm sorry, where are my manners?" I ask sarcastically, "stick your money up your Caucasian ass," I say turning around and swinging my hips from side to side as I walk to the elevator.


Here goes the first chapter. If you've read 'You, And Only You' you'd notice that Marie-Anne has changed a lot. I guess people grow.

What do you guys think about the first chapter, was it too boring? And Tyler (A.D.A Brown)

If anyone is confused, an A.D.A is an assistant district attorney. In other words, he's a prosecutor.


Au revoir...

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