[30] "Why m- fine."

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Heya! Silver here. Once again sorry for the late updates but to make up for it, here's song lyrics from one of my favorite Google Translate Songs:

I never punctual, I will be punctual!

-I Will be Punctual (I Will Survive)


As I entered the school, I was immediately greeted by Dottie, Daniel and Rylan. "Congrats on the boyfriend, Alpha!"

What the heck are they talking about?

"Uhh... thanks? Except I don't have a boyfriend." I muttered.

Dottie raised an eyebrow. "Sure you do! You and Ein got into a relationship, he said it himself!"

I was in pure shock. "What?!"

  I was about to rush over to find Ein, but the bell rung. Drat, I thought, making my way to homeroom with Mr. Moore. I guess I'll find that lying douchebag later.

A magick-al timeskip brought to you by Mermaid Tales

   It's been magicks class already and Ein still hasn't showed up. I'll catch him at werewolf class for sure...

Another timeskip brought to you by DETERMINATION - English class end

"Heya, Phoenix! Have a second?" Shellie half-whispered. "I heard from some students that Garroth Ro'meave has the Phoenix Key. Y'know, the key that unlocks the secret?"

My eyes lit up. "Wait, really? Awesome! I'm going to try to get it, then. See ya!"

   History went by pretty quick, since the lesson was about the War of the Magi that happened so many years ago. Everyone was surprisingly paying attention.

   And soon, it became lunch. I made my way to the table to see everyone but Ein there. I bet he's avoiding me or something... Wait, right! I needed to get that key from Garroth!

"Hey, guys!" A chorus of "hi's" and "hello's" answered me.

Teony smiled. "By the way... congrats on the boyfriend, Phe!"

"I DO NOT have a b-" I was cut off by someone putting their hands on my shoulders. "Oh, hello my love."

I gritted my teeth. "Ein. What are you doing here?"

   Whipping my back around to face him, I noticed Jax and Ryder -two werewolves in the school- standing behind him.

"Oh. Can't I talk to my girlfriend sweetly?" He asked with an oh-so-innocent voice.

"No! We are not a couple!" I spat.

He chuckled. "Stop joking, dear."

"Ya know what? I'm not gonna bother..." I uttered. This situation isn't bothering me too much anyways.

This is the fourth timeskip and I think I do too many of them in a chapter... Next week~~

"PHOENIX!" All of my friends yelled as the Sky Army approached the school's main entrance.

I was utterly confused. "What?"

"Your boyfriend is a complete douchebag!" Katelyn exclaimed. "He got Kacey in the hospital!"

"He pushed me against a locker while I was trying to reason with him," Teony said calmly but with a slight hint of anger.

   A couple more complaints flung around here and there until Shelbs ultimately yelled, "STOP!"

I cleared my throat. "Thank you Shubs. Just to clarify... Ein is not my boyfriend!"


"Ye! Phe has been talking to us about it and she said that Ein's been spreading that rumor around... for some reason," Ross explained.

"Oh, sorry..." Katelyn apologised.

"Yeah, sorry Phe."

"It's fine guys," Finally... wait, the key! "Hey Garroth, may I talk with you for a sec? In private?"

I pulled Garroth away from the group. "I heard you have a key?"

"Yeah, I do... Why?"

"I, um, need it! For... things!" Oh yeah, that'll totally convince him to give it.

"Err, sure!"

"That's grea-"

"On one condition."

"Name it!" I was determined to get that key.

"The annual Phoenix Drop High Winter Ball is coming up soon," he explained. "And I need someone to go with. You're not together with Ein after all, so I'll give you the key in return for a date to the dance."

"Why m-" I needed to get that key, no matter what it takes. "Fine."

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