Maid Cafe

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You walked into the Lucky Cat Cafe expecting it to be at least a NORMAL day- but we all know what a normal day at the Hamada's is like.

"Hey Tadashi!" You greeted him as he was the first one you saw.

"Hey Y/N. Are you here to eat?"

"Nah. I'm just hanging out. I'm bored- and I know my first stop for...uh, not boredom."

"Ha! Well you're in luck! Aunt Cass said she has a surprise for us." At that minute Aunt Cass entered with a big box. She gestured for you and Tadashi to come over. 

"Hey Aunt Cass! Watcha got there?"

"Well, first we need Hiro here." Tadashi ran upstairs and came back down with a messy haired boy who was just wearing a red t shirt and shorts.

"Still in your pjs Hiro?" You laughed.

"Y/N? What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to be somewhere not boring." 

"Okay everyone- I have news! My friend made this last week. What do you think?" She held up an adorable Baymax maid outfit. You couldn't help but imagine the Hamada brothers in maid outfits. You let out a laugh. 

"So who's gonna wear it?" You ask while laughing.

"Hiro can try it on first." She smiled. Tadashi and you started laughing so much, while Hiro just glared at you two. Aunt Cass pulled Hiro in the changing room, and you and Tadashi waited for the result. He came out later looking grumpy and pulling down on the skirt complaining. Tadashi just froze while you burst out laughing.

"AMAZING HAMADA!" You clapped.

"Like you could do better." He smirked. 

You were really competitive, so you could never turn down a challenge. You smirked as you went to the box, picked up another outfit, and smiled as you entered the changing room. You changed into the costume, and styled your hair into a (whatever style you think looks cute on you).

You left the changing room, posed (whatever pose you think is cute for you), and childishly said,

"Onii-chan." Both Tadashi was still frozen, while Hiro was blushing like crazy.

"Who did it better Hamada?" You smirked.

"You know I only challenged you to see you in a maid outfit, right?" You froze, and blushed.

"You little-"

"But either way, I wouldn't mind having you as my waitress." You blushed even more.


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