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GEORGIA WOKE up freezing and shivering. It was official, she hated the cold. She wanted everyday to be summer from now on, because she didn't think she could take one more day of being a human ice cube.

"That useless excuse of a king." Her teeth chattered, with anger and because her core temperature was negative fifteen. "He turned me into a freaking gold statue!"

"You're okay now." Jason leaned over and tucked a warm blanket around her, and she welcomed the feeling, but she figured it would be a while until she got back up to feeling warm again.

She blinked, trying to figure out where they were. Next to her, a campfire blazed, turning the air sharp with smoke. Firelight flickered against rock
walls. They were in a shallow cave, but it didn't offer much protection. Outside, the wind howled. Snow blew sideways. It might've been day or night. The storm made it too dark to tell.

"Where's L-Leo?" Georgia forced out.

"Present and un-gold-ified." Leo was also wrapped in blankets. He didn't look great, but better than Georgia felt. "I got the precious metal treatment too," he said. "But I came out of it faster. Dunno why. We had to dunk you in the river to get you back completely. Tried to dry you off, but ... it's really, really cold."

"You're a f-fire user." She shivered. "Y-Your core temperature m-must be a little h-higher."


"H-Here." She heard a weak voice. Georgia turned to find Piper wrapped up in blankets, sitting in front of the fire. She was on the other side of Jason.

"You've got hypothermia," Jason said. "We risked as much nectar as we could. Coach Hedge did a little nature magic—"

"Sports medicine." The coach's ugly face loomed over her. "Kind of a hobby of mine. Your breath might smell like wild mushrooms and Gatorade for a few days, but it'll pass. You probably won't die. Probably."

"Thanks," Piper said weakly.

"What a w-way to g-go." Georgia tried to sound sarcastic, but it didn't really work with how much she was chattering. "H-Hypothermia. I s-survived a giant w-war, and f-four and a half quests, and I d-die from h-hypothermia."

"You're not going to die, Georgia." Jason said.

"How did you beat Midas?" Piper asked.

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