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10 years later...

A cry could be heard from the [Daughter's name]'s room. [Name] ran toward her room and turned on the light.

"[Daughter's name], what happened? Did you get those nightmare again?" The little girl, with [color] hair like her mother and yellow eyes like her father, nodded.

"It's okay. Oka-san is here." She hugged her daughter affectionately.

"Mom, where is Ottou-san?" she smiled.

"He went out to meet uncle Nagisa and some old friends. Do you miss him already?" The little girl nodded. "He's supposed to be home by now. Let's get you back to sleep."

"Can I meet uncle Nagisa tomorrow?"

"Sure. If he's not busy with school."

"Then could you please tell me how you met Ottou-san again?"

"You want to hear that story again? Aren't you bored of that story?" [Name] asked back. She looked at her daughter with a teasing look.

"No! It's really fun. More than those cliche stories." [Name] couldn't help but giggle. [Daughter's name] sat up and listened to what her mother was gonna tell.

"Well if you say so." [Name] started to think of where she should begin. "It all started when we were in middle school, more like in the End Class of Kunugigaoka Junior High School."


Status : Edited (30 JULY 2017)

Author's note:

Here's the epilogue of this story. I know that the some of you who may have already read "Target Locked" feel disappointed with my decision. But it's better ended this way than me ever making an update for "Target Locked".

Thanks for you guys who showed some interest in this book until the end. I'm also sorry for so many grammatical error and typos. Enjoy the story while you can.

Good bye everyone!

— Xoxo, Mincheol.

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