«Chapter 17»

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It was the last day of their special summer camp and assassination vacation. They were making the most of what was left of their time on the island. Also, an unforgotten event had happened. Akabane Karma, the sadistic boy from the End Class, suddenly confessed his feelings to the dense [Name] a few hours after she had awakened.

"[Name]-chan, where are you?" Nakamura looked around the seashore and finally spotted the [color]-haired girl sitting as she hugged her knees. She was still shocked from what happened.

Nakamura walked closer to her and sat beside her. "There you are. Are you okay?"

"I don't know." [Name] sighed. "It just...everything happened so fast. Too fast that I can't even understand it."

"Huh, maybe I shouldn't have forced him to confess you." Nakamura smiled and looked at the girl beside her. "I'm sorry, [Name]." [Name] shook her head.

The sun began to set. Both of the girls felt a cold breeze cupping their face. [Name] then stood up from her place. While watching the sun set, she started to let go of things that burdened her.

"It's not your fault, Nakamura. It's just that I never thought this will happen to me."

"Then how did you feel when Karma-kun confessed to you?" Nakamura smirked as she saw red-faced [Name]. "Nee, tell me!"

"Um...It's-I really suck at explaining my feelings." Nakamura held both [Name]'s hand. She gave her the 'It's okay' look. Nakamura knew that [Name] was actually too dense to realize her own feelings; that's why she needed to make sure of it.

"Well that time I was really surprised. My heart kept pounding loudly. I could feel my blood starting to run to my head. My voice even couldn't come out! I'm happy to hear what Karma said, but... "


"I'm also afraid. I'm afraid that this is all a joke. He confessed to me multiple times before. But it's just one of his jokes to make fun of me and I don't want to be fooled by him anymore!!"

"He confessed?"

"Etto...Maybe not directly like what happened just now." [Name] noticed Karma looking weird a few times before, but she was never sure.

"Did he really confess just to make fun of you or is that what you assumed all the time?"

"Eh?" [Name] got confused with what Nakamura just said. Only what I assumed all this time?

"From what I see in Karma, he is serious about his feeling. He isn't the type of person who likes to make of fun of other people's feelings. Maybe sometimes he is. I'm sure about his feelings toward you judging by how worried he was last night."

"Last night?" [Name] remembered what happened last night. She got beaten by Takaoka right before the End Class came; she can't remember clearly what happened after that, but she remembered someone shouting her name worriedly and quickly running over to save her. It was Karma?

"You're as dense as Karasuma sensei, [Name]-chan," Nakamura sighed in disbelief. "Let's get back to the others and think carefully about Karma's feelings!"

[Name] just stood there while Nakamura walked back to the hotel. "Why's everyone saying that I'm dense?"


"A test courage? Now?" Nagisa asked the yellow octopus—known as Korosensei.

"Yes! What better activity for a midsummer night?"

"You just want to have some fun," mocked Karma.

"Unlike some people, I've been cooped up in a shell this whole time on a tropical island, of all places!" Korosensei half yelled to Karma.

"A test courage? It could be fun!" Isogai agreed with Maehara.

[Name] who has been listening the whole time sighed. It's not like she disliked something scary. But she got a feeling that Korosensei has planned something that she definitely would not like.

"We'll hold it in this ocean cavern. Walk through it until you reach the exit in big-time pairs!" Korosensei suddenly took out a bottle of spoons. "This will decided who's your partner."

[Name] took out a [colored) spoon. I suppose I should find my pair who has the same colored spoon as me. Just hope it's not him.

"[Name]-chan, looks like we are pair!" [Name] turned her head and her eyes gazed at the spoon that the boy who had called her held.


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