Part 2 - Penguin

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It's already one week after that stone head said that someone can cure Don disease.

The conversation is hanged. Everytime Don try to discuss that, he changed the subjects.

Don take his club meeting this day. He jumped into his motorcycle to go to the book store, search a new vibe. His anger still isn't flamed down, he just want to take a space from seeing Roy's face. Don doesn't know, if he meet him regularly, he will end up hit his goofy face. And he won't apologize because it isn't worthy for him. He will feel get hurt in his hand too, right?

The bookstore is a one place that he can escape from his college life, his daily stupid club meeting and his insane thought. As he recall, if he has a chance to meet someone here, then ask her name and start to be a friend. That will be amazing. Meeting in accident is one of the most memorable moment that people can remember. We share our interest then by a month, we know better and start to have a relationship. That's when he's gonna believe in fate. That's romcom about ! That's college life about !

Actually his real intention is a free wi-fi that can be accessed in this lounge but still, he also rooted for unpredictable moment..

He walks and pulls his zipper into bottom-neck. He look as many shelves which is full of book stand neatly. He start breathing slowly seeing this crowd. In one place, which is in front of the bookstore, there is a stand called 'bazaar'. There are many people who queue like a crowd of ducks.

" Wow, are books really amazing? " He ask confusedly.

Yeah, he never read many books in he life. Don doesn't know, in my point, books has a common with some of fairy tale, future tale or mystical tale. In a short, a unrealistic tale. So he absolutely has no interest with that. 

In that full of crowd, some a weird creature pop up.

That creature wear a big white winter jacket and a wool gloves. It's like the jacket eating her alive. Is she shrinking today or got a 'curious case of Benjamin Button' ? So he observes again, she also use a navy-colored skirt and a long pants also big brown boots. She also uses a big head phone and Don think the song that she heard is 'Let it go'. Yeah, judging by what she wear.

She is like a penguin who had a vacation in another place in north pole but has a wrong flight and she ended in Africa. A vast dessert in Africa. Yeah, as Don look down into his ground. He totally sees shadow and he also has a 3/4 pants with casual sandals.

" Wow maybe I'm the one who is wrong here. " He said calmly.

So he look upside and smile. Knowing that he's the sane person here.

There. Is. A. Freaking. Big. Sun. Shines. Toward. People. Here.

Knowing our society has a unique person, Don continues his step leaving that penguin and the crazy crowd. So he just goes toward the wi-fi corner. Then he sees an empty chair and sit. After that, a common routine, he takes my phone from my pants' pocket, connect and enjoy his little heaven there.

As Don looks everyone in this place, this spot is quite crowded. There is a bunch of people who playing games online with their teammates. He believe in their bag, there is a tent which they build when night comes. And in the corner, there are two or three guys who sit closely with the wall behind them. They must be watching 18+ movies. Classic. Last but not least, there is always a bunch of couple who showed their lovey-dovey.

" For God sake, it's close with bookstore. Know your place, know your manner. " saying a guy who enjoy a free wi-fi and not buying a book.

It takes around 15 minutes in there. Don didn't notice that this lounge become more crowded. Then from the path that he went in, that bizarre creature comes. A little penguin take its conquest into this place. Basically she looks around then walk after seeing an empty chair. Next to Don's chair. So he look again at his phone, minding his own business and pretending didn't see her.

As she sit, she sigh and her breath fast but heavy.

" Hey.. " she talks.

Don turn his head, seeing her.

" Yeah, mrs.penguin--Wait, I mean, what's wrong? " Don responds nervously.

" Can you pull my zipper? " she asks with a cute voice.

" Ah, thanks. That explains a lot. " Don answers.

So Don help this penguin by pulling her zipper. After he pull it with low power and it didn't give a result. Then he pushes my limit to unleash his inner powerful strength. It worked. More like it breaks. But she smiles. It isn't like a problem to her. So Don think, sure.

That winter jacket is opened, that's why this girl wear a unmatched costume with the weather. The zipper problem. Don thought the only unmatched is her brain. But sure, that's just his wrong wild thought. He should apologize to her by having this wrong thought.

Yeah. he should think that.

When it opens, there is another layer, a hoodie jacket. She wear a hoodie jacket too.

Don just can't let this slip out. He just can't. He should say a thing about this weird phenomenon.

" Hey, pardon me, sorry to bother you, polar bear's friend--"

" Polar bear? "

" Ehm how do you get an idea to wear a multi-layered clothes in this beautiful and warm weather? " Don asks politely and smiles. Trying not to make her bothered

She surprised and grab her phone as fast as possible. She shows to me, a video that is taken from a video-based website. She plays it. The video itself is a daily weather prediction.

" Look, he said this day would be rain. It's not like I didn't do anything wrong, right? " she talks like a hot machine gun.

As Don observes the description, he sighs and smiles again. Yeah, He keep smiling because knowing she has a cute enough face and a beautiful blue eyes. And of course, short hair. Well, a girl with short hair is absolutely gorgeous for Don.

" You didn't realize it's recorded video, right? " Don responds.

" Wait, is it? But the date is right, or... "

" The year is off. " Don short answers her.

She is extremely surprised. Her face and her ear is red like a red lobster. Don is pretty sure with that increased temperature, she didn't need a jacket to make herself warm. She didn't say a word and Don continues to browse videos in his phone.

After some minutes, he takes his leave as he said politely to her. But she still covered her face with her hand. She also didn't answer his words. So it's okay, Don just finishes his little heaven here. And that's absolutely mixed up event.

As Don grabs his helmet that hanged in my motorcycle, he cracks a laughter remembering that last events. He cover his mouth, trying make his laughter silent. But he really can't hold it. 

" She's so funny.. " Don smiles and laugh as his heartbeat races. It skips a beat.

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