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Huge Emergency and harmed Sakura

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It's been a few months as it was September and was getting cold due to Summer ending and fall beginning.

People were now wearing jackets to keep them warmed up though some were ok with the color actually so they didn't need jackets.

We soon meet 4 people who was talking waiting for the bell to ring for the next class "Sasuke-kun" someone yelled as the Raven groaned and turned to see a certain pinket running towards him and hugged him closely as she smiled, "I've been looking all over for you" she says "Sakura not now I'm busy" Sasuke says "with what" Sakura asks looking at the group of 4.

"doesn't seem important" Sakura says "It's private Sakura" Sasukie says as he shook hi"s head.

Naruto was being hugged by his twin brother in a protective way as he never really licked Sakura since all those horrible things she did to his brother.

"Cant it wait Sasuke-kun my being is more important" she says trying to drag Sasuke away "but Naruto-" "forget about him focus more on me sweet heart" Sakura says hugging Sasuke's arm.

Naruto growled "he is not yours" he growled "what did you just say" sakura says glaring at the blond who was shaking now "I said He.IS.NOT.YOUR" Naruto says a little louder though no one could here him except for his little group of friends and Sakura.

"Oh ya and what makes you think that he's not mine" Sakura says "cause 1. you don't know where he lives anymore 2. he doesn't like being near your ugly arse and 3. your nothing but a ditch" Naruto says as Sakura, growled "you are so on" she yells catching everyone attention as she started to fight and be up Naruto as Sasuke's Alpha kicked in as he growled and took the pinket off his mate separating the two.

"That's enough Sakura you stay away from Naruto before I punch you into the afterlife" Sasuke growled as he saw Sai and pushed her into him than went over to Naruto and helped him up.

"thank you Sasuke" Naruto mumbled "were gonna have a long talk later" Sasuke says as the blond nods while looking at the ground.

Though he did get a few punches on Sakura as she had scratches and bruises and Naruto was a little bit worse than Sakura but only in the area's that no one could see.

"SASUKE UCHIHA, SASUKIE UCHIHA, MENMA UZUMAKI AND NARUTO UZUMAKI COME TO THE FRONT OFFICE SOMEONE WAS IS HERE TO......." the intercom was cut off as all the other student were confused.

Until student looked towards the direction of a man running threw the halls "Sasuke Sasukie Naruto Menma lets go now" the man says "what is it" Sasuke asks "I'll explain letter lets go" the man says as the 4 nodded and followed, the raven along with a certain pinket who just wont give up even though she just go threated.

"so what wrong" Sasukie asks "Kyuubi is delivering soon but we couldn't make it to the hospital though so we found a random place which is at a friends house" Itachi says.

Sasuke nods understanding.

The 5 arrived at Deidara's house

"I'm back" Itachi yells as he quickly ran up stairs along with Sasuke Sasukie Naruto and Menma "wow I didn't expect you to do that in such a short about of time" Deidara says "shut up there helping" Itachi says going into the room were his mate laid whimpering as his 9tails swayed dangerously (I cant spell the other word for dangerous it's starts with a V). 

"Techy" Kyuubi whimpered as his ears were pressed against his skull "don't worry I'm here now" Itachi says holding his mates hand while the other go what they needed for the babies arrival.

But soon Sakura made a misfortunate step as Itachi glared at her as he growled at the pinket he was recognizing and it sure wasn't someone he trusted  as she was knockout in seconds flat but harmed even more than she already was.

Cause rule number 1. stay away from a wolfs mate who is pregnant, giving birth, or with said new born.

Sasuke had to drop her off at the hospital literally as he dropped her on the front desk said she was attacked by something in the forest and left.

When Sasuke got back he saw that Kyuubi was pushing, Itachi was holding back his tears cause his hand was being crushed, Naruto holding one of the blue towels  with Menma, Sasukie fainted, and Deidara was being comforted by a redhead sitting by his side.

Time skip~

Kyuubi had given birth to two healthy twin boys as Itachi was holding the cubs in his arms but he did allow the others to see his pups while Kyuubi was resting and curled up into Itachi's side.

"when are you going to name them" Menma asks "as soon as kyu wakes up" Itachi says as he softly wagged his tail happily while looking at the babies that slept peacefully in there father's arms though one of them started to make a fuss.

Kyuubi was woke up at the time as he looked up at his mate and smiled "let me see him please" Kyuubi whispers as Itachi nods handing one of them to the red-head who calm the baby down and fed him.

Naruto wagged his tails smiling hugely trying not to squeal as he heard someone chuckle as he looked over to see Sasuke.

"what" Naruto asks "your being adorable" Sasuke answers causing the blond to blush madly "what ever teme" Naruto says hiding his face in Sasuke's chest.

"so what are you gonna name them" Itachi asks his mate who smiles "the one I'm holding will be Akira while the other will be Akio" Kyuubi says smiling as his mate nods "sounds perfect" Itachi says and kisses his mate.


Thank you @PearlDonophan for the baby names

Would you guys like to know what they look like cause I can :

A, draw them for you


B, explain for your imagination

comment down below what'cha think and ill be right with you thank you guys so much for supporting me on this book love ya~

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