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O P P O R T U N I T Y.


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J A S O N ' S P. O. V.

IT TOOK three of them to hold back the satyr. Jason tried to get Georgia to help, but she was pointing her sword in the direction of the man and cornering him.

"Whoa, Coach!" Jason said. "Bring it down a few notches. And Georgia, leave the guy alone!" A younger man charged into the room. Jason guessed he must be Lit, the old guy's son. He was dressed in pajama pants with a sleeveless T-shirt that said cornhuskers, and he held a sword that looked like it could husk a lot of things besides corn. He and Georgia glared at each other, but neither of them lowered their weapons. His ripped arms were covered in scars, and his face, framed by curly dark hair, would've been handsome if it wasn't also sliced up.

Lit immediately zeroed in on Jason like he was the biggest threat, and stalked toward him, swinging his sword overhead. "Hold on!" Piper stepped forward, trying for her best calming voice. "This is just a misunderstanding! Everything's fine." Lit stopped in his tracks, but he still looked wary. It didn't help that Hedge was screaming, "I'll get them! Don't worry!"

"Coach," Jason pleaded, "they may be friendly. Besides, we're trespassing in their house."

"Thank you!" said the old man in the bathrobe.
"Now, who are you, and why are you here? And tell this girl to stop poking my son with her sword!"

"Let's all put our weapons down," Piper said. "Coach, you first. Georgia, follow his lead."

Hedge clenched his jaw. "Just one thwack?"

Georgia said, "I don't trust them."

"No, coach. And Georgia, I don't care. Put your sword down." Piper said.

"What about a compromise? I'll kill them first, and if it turns out they were friendly, I'll apologize."

"I'll take Lit, or whatever, and you can take gramps over there."

Coach scowled. "Oh, I get the old guy because I'm not a sixteen year old daughter of Ares?"

"No!" Georgia made a face. "I just gave you Dumbledore because he doesn't have a weapon! Cornhusker has a sword!"

"Okay, both of you, shut up!" Piper insisted.

"Meh." Coach Hedge lowered his club.

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