Advice for Freshmeat

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Don't drink milk before camp or practice. Just don't do it.

Don't drink juice or soda during rehearsal or practice.

Sunscreen is your friend.

Get a fan. (A small hand held one) so you don't die from the heat.



Two 16oz. bottles of water wont cut it. Buy gallon jug.

Sunscreen is your friend.

No soda/juice during practice.

Early=On Time. On Time=Late. Late=Certian Death. Don't be late.

Listen to your upperclassman/drum major/band Director. You WILL NOT know everything after your first year. You gotta long way to go, kid.

Wear your freaking uniform! And yes, socks count to. WEAR BLACK SOCKS!

Lastly, have fun! You'll feel like you wanna die during band camp, trust me, this will be some of the best months of your life.  😁


Thank you guys for sharing you advice to the freshmeat! Oops I mean freshman. Haha jk upperclassman know they're freshmeat.

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