Band Shenanigans

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We have a lot of members (around 180 give or take) so there's a lot of shenanigans

So im a junior flute now, but last year I decided while we had 2 senior piccolos (lets call them Dolly and Brook for their sake) I'd switch. Everyone has always told me I should try it and I gave it a shot.

I walk into the BD's office and asked if I could switch, luckily he had one left. I stuck with it even though I struggled. Well Dolly and I had an after school sectional. Dolly had the REALLY good plastic piccolo used for solos. After about 3 minutes of me not being able to get the high notes she hands it to me and asks me to play the scale again.
And suddenly I was amazing.
Here I thought I was terrible at playing while it was the instrument all along. Luckily Dolly had another school picc in her locker left there by a previous senior.

-Not to mention that by the end of concert season, the BD picks a song I can play piccolo. That's when we had to start getting it fixed since it broke so often (we didn't end up playing the song. Later I get to play with what had been Dolly's piccolo. The next morning it was broke [thus the inside joke that I brake every picc I get. Untrue! The first one I got was broke before I had possession of it]

well, both graduated and now I'm the leader of the piccs... whats worse is that we have one senior in the entirety of the flute section.

Let's say one of this years sophomores says she'll be bad cop, our senior Jen will be good cop.... Then there's me, Satan.

(and this one for the hell of it. I really do have a lot more fun as a piccolo XD)

Well during last season Dolly and Brook had to put up with my crap constantly.
Especially Brook (since I was a freshman I earned the nickname of mini Brook since we look and nearly acted alike)
Such was to the point Dolly turned around and called me Brook when asking me about some notes.

well before our first competition I slipped my piccolo up my sleeve and go up to Brook.
"I forgot my piccolo"
Somehow I hold it together as she freaks out with me. Then I caved and showed her, both of us getting a good laugh.
If it was out of it's case it was either in the inside pocket of our uniform jacket or in my sleeve.
Well we have and awesome photographer who voluntarily takes pictures of our band (being serious or mostly us horsing around) I happened to make sure Brook wasn't watching and pulled the jacket back before muttering, "Got piccolo?"

Then I continued up to harass poor Brook saying I forgot it. This continued throughout the season about 7 more times. It became an inside joke during practice or in the hallway. Every time I managed to convince her enough to go with it.

But the last time I couldn't resist. I had to do it that last time we got to play. So I go over hardly keeping it together, showing her all the places it would have been. In the pocket, up my sleeve, even the case. She didn't want to believe me, though I could see she was starting to.
Eventually I point to one of my pit friends after I caved. "It's up her sleeve."

And yes. I made band memes throughout the season with oddball pictures the photographer sent me 😂

~Thank you for the story Ty1R1Bluent

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