Sasha Tabure and Ariana Sodo were twin sisters, seperated by divorced parents. Ariana lives with her rich mother, dominates her prep school in popularity, is consistent with her perfect grades, and lives a perfect teenage life. Sasha, living with her middle-class baker father, socializes with her public school's fight club, barely manages to get passing grades, and envies her sister's life. After some convincing, Ariana convinces Sasha to pose as her at Ariana's school, and get a taste of what Ariana's life is truly like. But after Sasha receives a mysterious note at school that reads "Ariana Sodo is it," , Ariana attempts suicide, and falls into a coma.

  While the doctors question Ariana's prolonged state of comatose, Sasha realizes it's her job as Ariana's sister to discover why Ariana would rather die than be it, whatever it is. Here enters Sasha, posing as Ariana at her school, with only the help of her instinct and a mysterious boy named Erik(who knows Sasha's secret). When a crazy and popular ritual is revealed among the students, Sasha realizes everything she knew about her own sister was a lie.

  Students gather to play "The King", a game that started as a cell phone game, that turned into a religiously worshipped phenomena. The King has caused friendships to crumble, relationships to wither away, and all to bow down to The King, an unknown force who can grant one wish every week, and of course, the obvious near-death of Ariana Sodo, the seemingly most popular, well-liked girl at Heatherfield Prep. Despite every sign in the universe telling Sasha to give up her mission to discover the cause of death of her beloved sister, she knows she has to figure the mystery out and save her sister's life, and possibly other lives too.


A/N: Herro! Thank you to SyannePotts for the cover!!! Hope the description wasn't too lengthy. XDDD

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