Leonis, 1:1, 2:8 - Re-Invasion - Part 7 Minutes In Hell

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The admiral slowly removed an antique, chromed Colt .45 pistol from a nearby terminal. "Well, it's time for your meddling to cease, then, human called Parker Raymond...and it will be with your own weapon." The admiral pulled the hammer back on the antique pistol and placed its shiny tip to Parker's chest.

"Go ahead, do it, asshole," Parker said through gritted teeth.

"As you wish." The man grinned and pulled the trigger.


When the Martian looked down at the misfired weapon, Parker leapt from the ground, using his strength to his advantage in the lighter gravity. He flipped over the admiral and landed behind him. Parker quickly looped the chains that ran between his shackled wrists around the admiral's neck and jumped from the platform.

The armored suit crashed to the deck above as Parker landed with one thud on the level below followed by another lighter bang somewhere nearby. Parker was pretty sure he knew what that sound was from.

The bridge erupted in screams, confusion, and fear as another explosion rocked the ship.

With the sun now beginning to set, Parker watched three flaming saucers ahead of the command ship explode on the forward display. Two more followed, their fiery remains then falling to the Earth.

"Good job, Denver!" Parker said under his breath as the metalwork around him began to creak and moan

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"Good job, Denver!" Parker said under his breath as the metalwork around him began to creak and moan. Sparks sprayed from the ceiling and smoke rolled like fog throughout the command center. He knew it was time to get to an open window or hatch. Thankfully, the full moon would be up soon.

Running from the bridge, Parker raced down a dark, riveted hallway past a handful of Martian soldiers jogging in the opposite direction. He was now questioning his decision to sprint for the only point of entry or exit he remembered. Regardless, there was no time left. Parker knew that with one more Tomahawk, even Horo wouldn't be able to save him.

Parker ran up to the panel he remembered as the control for the exit ramp and slapped his hand on a large red button. A huge rush of air nearly blew him off his feet as the door slid open.

Extracting Horo from his pocket, the device buzzed once in Parker's hand. He dialed in the address from his grandfather's message and frowned. Wind whistled around him as he stepped into the open doorway and looked down at the smoldering city. Parker thought of Miami as the Horologium buzzed once more...maybe she was still alive. Then again, maybe he should just move on. These Martians proved humanity did not belong in this Multiverse. This was the Convenusians' now and they deserved it.

Parker let his shoulders slump, closed his eyes, and fell forward through the open door of the saucer. "Hasta la vista, baby."

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