Alluka's Block pt.2

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Yes, I understand this is a bit early. . . I couldn't help myself!

Normal P.O.V.

No one knew what was happening in that chamber that Killua recognized so easily. He had been there numerous times, now standing before his fat brother, Milluki. His eyes were cold and black, a wall of silent flames.

Every Zoldyck had those eyes, stollen from emotion and replaced by emptiness. It was only natural to develop them after spending life in a living hell-bent palace of torture. But the physical pain wasn't what bothered the spiky-haired teenager. It was the sole fact that there was more out there and he was missing it. Waisting his life on killing innocent and not so innocent people.

The first time he explored and found something outside was by Gon's side. Something worth living for. Then, it was with Y/N. He remembered her vulnerable figure and fiesty personality and wondered if she was safe and whether his efforts were for nothing. He couldn't protect her from her brother anymore. Gon would have to.

He didn't know what kind of parents she had, but he related to her in a way that made their bonds stronger. Too bad he had to leave all of that behind. Just like with Gon. Would he ever be able to leave this place?

Suddenly, something unfamiliar occured. Milluki dropped the wip, it slithered to the marble floor like a skinny snake and his head rose to meet his older brother's eyes. They didn't say anything but behind a weathered curtain, their meaning was clear: Watch yourself little brother. That's when the door to the darkly lit room spread wide open and Killua's heart began to race, eyes wide.

Before them stood a girl with long, dark hair and eyes the same color hue as Killua's. Her pale face was occupied with a large smile filled with hope and anticipation. She lunged for her brother, arms outstretched.


Gladly, he took her into his chest and burried his face in her neck. He felt tears streaming down her face as she sobbed into his chest. "Killua nii-san!" She cried as he patted her head, attempting to ressure her that she was safe as long as he was there. Milkuki stood still, watching them and asking himself what they were doing. Is this how people expressed love?

Y/N's P.O.V.

I watched the night stars above me, leaning against the balcony railings. I was on the roof of the building, taking in the wind blowing my hair forward. I know I told Gon that we would try again with Killua, but what if he didn't want to come back?

What were we supposed to do now?

It wasn't like me to give up without a fight. I was stubborn and wouldn't quit until I had him back, but after seeing Gon in that state and nearly losing him. . .

I noticed a couple open the door, holding hands and smiling up at each other. No matter how much time has passed, Gon will always be part of my past. My today. If we go back, will that mean risking his life? He's like a brother to me, would I be willing to trade his life for a possibility? A non existent chance?

"It's cold out here." I heard a bemused voice speak. Gon was next to me, staring at the view ahead. Numerous shades of lights flickered throughout the city, rushed people, trafic and store lights illuminating the busy Yorknew streets. It was three a.m.

I jumped in a panic. "Gon!? What are you doing here? Get back inside!" He allowed me to push him towards the door, his low chuckle ringing in my ears.

"It doesn't bother me, I'm fine, Y/N." He grabbed my wrist, causing me to stop and look at him. He searched my eyes, his own caramel ones revealing some kind of emotion I couldn't quite place. "I'm fine." He repeated, to add the effect. I heard him the first time and yet, hearing it once more sent a secure blanket of releif around me. He took off his coat and let it drop on top of my head.

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