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I don't know if this is good or bad I just wanted an explanation in the beginning.

Enjoy :)



Dear Liam James Payne...

Ha we have the same middle name! Cool.

Well I found your article when I was with my mum at the doctors and having someone to talk to who isn't allowed to tell anyone is kinda nice. Even know talking to a  psychologist is a little weird to me.  

So here it goes... I killed someone.

Okay kidding kidding...

It's not that serious just trying to make a little joke.. not funny? Okay too soon.

Well I have this friend. Or he's actually my best friend and has been since we were kids. His name is Louis. I don't think he would be happy if I gave his last name up so we'll just stick with Louis.

We go to the same school and have done always. Our life has always been simple and we stuck more to ourselves and didn't really make other friends.

But as we both tried out for football (Soccer) everything suddenly changed. I didn't make it because I'm such a clutz but Louis made it. He plays really good I wish you could see him sometimes.. he's really impressive.

After that he started getting more friends and more people looked up to him. I didn't mind that but sometimes it goes to his head and trust me lately it has. He just got a new girlfriend.

And you're probably thinking there's nothing wrong with that but there definitely is. He's seventeen (eighteen in a few months) and his girlfriend is barely sixteen. Eleanor slut Calder. Damn... 25 cent in the swearing jar. But back to his girlfriend.

She has banged almost the entire school and everyone seems to love her anyway. She's like Regina from Mean Girls. And yes I've watched that movie. Don't judge. I am very manly in case you wondered.

And every time I try to talk with Louis about it he just shrugs it off and say. "She's good in bed." And smirks walking away. The old Louis would've never done that. I don't think he even loves her. Only doing it for the popularity.

I think he needs someone who can really love him and make him smile that million dollar smile I haven't seen in a long time.

I miss the times where we would just fool around without a single doubt. Now he can't do anything without being afraid of what everyone else would think.

Like if I wanted to go to MacD he would stare at me wide eyed. "Niall that food will make you fat! I don't want people thinking such things about me!"

And then he would go to a stupid starbucks date with Eleawhore. I should really stop swearing I don't have a lot of money... (I swear a lot.)

I guess I can tell a little bit about myself.

My name is Niall.

I'm nineteen years old.

I live in Doncaster with a certain Louis.

I love eating.

Yours sincerely

Niall James Horan




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