'That's...um no  problem man, it is the property of the company you work for anyway so be my guest, there's a guest bedroom just down the hall.'

'Thanks Lisa.'

'No thank you, Adam.' She smiled at him, feeling like such a liar.

'I promise, I won't let Achilles get to you.'

Lisa smiled at the sentiment and then internally cringed. Oh, Adam, if only you knew, she thought guiltily.

She didn't sleep at all that night because all she thought about was how close she had gotten to man who she should've been avoiding and the worst part was that she had liked it.

The next morning, when Lisa got up, Adam was leaning against the kitchen island, reading something on his phone.

'Sleep well?' she asked as he looked up when he noticed she had walked in and he smiled before saying 'Yes, very well thanks.' He went back to looking at his phone.

'Something wrong?' She asked as his brow furrowed.

'No..It's just do you think you could come into the office today? Management need you to sign something for ownership of the apartment, I think they're giving it to you as some kind of consolation prize or something.'

'Oh wow!' Lisa said, shocked 'So that means I can finally move the rest of my stuff here since I'm technically still renting somewhere else?'

'I guess it does.' He said, returning the sentiment.

This was the second time Lisa had been in the offices of Hire an Incubus and it still didn't fail to amaze her. Everything was sleek and modern, it was like the workplace from heaven.

Walking with Adam, they walked through a long corridor to find the office of one of the senior managers.

'So what's the deal with this place? Is everyone her an incubus or a succubus?' Lisa asked curiously.

'Not exactly...A lot of the staff are actually just regular demons, I think there's a few humans too. After the Supernatural Rights Act was passed and the supernaturals were able to work legally, they purposely started including more humans in the workforce and vice versa so there wasn't a divide.'

Lisa nodded. She wondered what type of qualifications you needed to work at a place like this. She couldn't really remember when the working act had been passed, but she was pretty sure it was before she was born, supernaturals had gone mainstream a long time ago now and she wasn't around during all the civil rights movements.

'Is there much discrimination anymore with you guys?' Lisa asked quietly.

'Well, I haven't experienced any but I'm sure it still exists.'

'That's better then.'

'Mmm.' He said in agreement.

The office where Lisa had to sign for the apartment was huge. It was headed by a man who couldn't have looked any older than thirty, yet Lisa had been assured he was the head of the company.

'Hello Ms Farrow.' He said with a smile and a handshake. 'My name is Damian.' He spoke with a thick French accent which contrasted greatly with Adam's slightly Italian lilt.

The procedure was quite rapid and after a few minutes of small talk, Lisa had signed  the forms. As she was about to leave with Adam, Damian said something the sounded quite like a warning.

'Before you leave Ms Farrow, there's something I'd like to discuss with you about the rogue known as Achilles.' He motioned for Adam to leave the room.

'Y...Yes?' Lisa said warily, sitting back down on the plush leather office chair. It was just her and him.

'I am truly sorry to hear about your situation, and I am quite aware of what type of creature Achilles is and unfortunately, I know that I can't disclose all you want to know about him. So I can only give you one piece of advice to help which I trust you will never repeat to anyone, yes?'

'Yes, of course.'

'Tell me, do you know how to kill an incubus?'

'No.' Well that was not  what she was expecting.

He got up from his desk and looked her in the eye. 'Now, I risk a lot, perhaps even my life by telling you this.'

'I...I will never tell another soul.'

'Good.' he relaxed. 'What you need is a cross, but not just any cross, it has to have been blessed. Now, the only way you can kill an incubus completely dead is by stabbing him in the heart with a sharpened cross, and it has to go through the heart or it will not kill him completely and he will heal. Do you understand? '

'Yes, I understand.' Lisa said, slightly shaken.

'Another common yet deadly misconception is exorcism. The only thing exorcism will do to an incubus, is send him to Hell and piss him off and then he will come back even more pissed off, I know this would be especially true in the case of Achilles.'

'How do you know?' Lisa asked, slightly intrigued yet scared.

'Because he is the last incubus I have done this to.' Damian said with absolute conviction.

'Oh.' Lisa said, surprised.

'Pray you never have to do that and do not underestimate him, he is incredibly comfortable with exercising his control.' He said with a grimace, 'Good luck Lisa Farrow.' He said, rising and opening the door for her.

As she stepped out, Adam was waiting in the hall. 'Hey, are you ready to go?' He asked.

'Go where? Don't you have a job to go to?' She laughed.

'Starts quite late for me, I do a night shift.' He winked at her.

'Oh of course, what about last night then?'

'Us supernaturals get days off too Lisa.' He laughed again. His laugh was so different to Achilles. His was warm and sunny and welcoming, whereas Achilles' was low and made Lisa feel strange things. In the short time she had known Adam, she had come to believe that he was a good guy and if their circumstances had have been different, she could have seen herself with a guy like him.

A kind, safe caring guy. Not Achilles. Not that he did relationships anyway.

Lisa smiled at Adam.

'Let's hang out then.'

Listen to the song, at the start of the chapter, it's vvv good :)

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