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'Get the fuck out!' Lisa screamed at him angrily. He just continued to lean against the sofa in all his glory.

'You're wet.' He said, gazing at her with crimson eyes.

'Nice observation genius!' she said, holding her towel indignantly, try to ignore the obvious suggestiveness of his comment and hoping her angry confidence would last longer than his devilish smirk.

He laughed quietly, his eyes trained on her.

'What is up with your eyes?' She asked, still anger in her tone.

'Don't like them?' He said, fake pouting.

'What happened to not doing anything I didn't want you to do?' She said, shifting uncomfortably in her bath towel.

He just shrugged. 'Please don't be mad at me Lisa?'

Lisa was trying to process what was going on, it was like she was talking to a completely different person. He got up from the sofa and stalked carelessly over to her, backing her against the wall. She became painfully more aware of the fact that all there was between her and him was a thin towel.

'I...' She was at a loss for words she couldn't really focus properly with her cheeks burning and him being so close. She also couldn't ignore how turned on she was by the man who leaning over her.

His hand touched her shoulder, sending sparks through her body. She was still looking at the floor. Don't look into his eyes. She remembered what Adam had said. That's how they use their powers on you.

'Lisa, look at me, please.' He said, almost pleading with her and as his voice softened, she looked up and his eyes were back to the usual soft grey. 'You don't have to be afraid of me.'

'I...I'm not.' She said, biting her lip. 'But I think I should be.'

'I'm not going to hurt you, I would never hurt you.' He smiled at her. A smile that shed rainbows.

She was staring at he lips, that were now dangerously close to hers. She could feel his hot breath on her face and she was sure he could feel her frantic, shallow ones. His hand moved to her waist and she was staring into his eyes and she knew whatever she was feeling right now was all her. She came to a troubling conclusion.

He was going to kiss her and she wasn't going to do a damn thing to stop him.

'Do you want this?' he asked, his voice was like honey, soft and sweet.

'Y...Yes.' Lisa whispered and just before he was about to kiss her, then there was a harsh bang on the door and just like that he disappeared before her eyes, leaving her lying against the wall, panting for breath.

Shit, you're in big trouble now girl.

She heard whoever it was knock again and she called out 'Just a minute!' and ran into her room to get dressed. After running back out to answer the door, she was surprised to see a bashful looking Adam standing at the door. He was looking at the ground, hiding his brown eyes behind his black curls and then looked up to speak. 'I'm sorry it's so late but I just wanted to see if everything is okay, I thought since it's been a few days, he might show up again.'

Lisa wasn't actually that shocked at this. The past few days, Adam had been coming to check on her, making sure she was okay and she felt like she had betrayed him somehow by what had just happened just moments ago. The worst thing was, she couldn't even blame Achilles using some kind of unseen magical force on her because she had been in full control.

'Of course, come in.' She said softly, pulling the door all the open.


'Do you mind if I crash here tonight actually, I just think he could be anywhere you know? Stupid right?' He laughed awkwardly and Lisa thought it was actually comical to see such a beautiful and powerful man look so awkward.

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