Preferences: Dating Him II

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Had a lot of fun writing theses😂.

Antonio Giovinazzi
▪Biting your ear;
▪ Loud Moans;
▪ Sweets kisses can turn into something VERY intense;
▪ Canceling Plans because that dress looks absolutely sexy in your body, but you look better without it;
▪ Professional Lip and other things bitter;
▪ "ai ai ai"
▪ He's your best friend;
▪ Shirtless to call your attention;
▪ Sex in the car because YES!
▪ Raspy voice because he made you scream all night;
▪ Hickeys;
▪ Holding each other like Koalas while try to watch a random movie;
▪ But not watching the movie because you're into a very Intense make our session;
▪ Really loud laughs;
▪ Teasing you all the time;
▪ Cuddles when you have nightmares;
▪ And then, he has to make love to you to make you forget it 😏
▪ Bubble bath and Sex like duh, do I need to mention;
▪ Walks in the park;
▪ Deep conversations about the future;
▪ Making love near the fireplace while rains;
▪ "If I kiss you, will you feel better?";
▪ Chocolate in each others mouth;
▪ So Jealous and So cute;
▪ So loving with each other that it melts everyone's heart;
▪ Baby boy in streets, daddy in sheets;
▪ Your voice is his medicine;
▪ He just wants to be with you;
▪ Biking shirtless;
▪ "I never seen such a lovely queen."
▪ He's your protection.

Carlos Sainz
▪ "Pasito a pasito, suave suavecito I just wanna fuck you poquito a poquito";
▪ Spanish moans;
▪ He has to hold your hand all the time;
▪ "Te quiero mucho mi reina"
▪Slapping him because he's very dirty minded
▪ Spanish lessons;
▪ Rewarding you with a very hot make out session because you learn fast;
▪ He loves to dance;
▪ Accent melts your heart;
▪ Always shirtless to tease you even when it's incredibly cold;
▪ Always there when you need;
▪ Beach boy;
▪ He is TOTALLY unforgettable;
▪ Your relationship is like a band-aid;

Kimi Raikkonen
▪ Bowah;
▪ Sex and alcohol, can't get better;
▪ Vodka;
▪ "Let me dry these little PMS tears";
▪ " Bwoah Do I ever cross your mind?" "Do you ever leave my mind Kimi?"
▪ He gives you not only love but also confidence;
▪"You're my Buggati, end of story!"
▪ Hugs all the time;
▪ Kisses are the best part;
▪ Karaoke;
▪ Laughing during sex;
▪ Gym together;
▪ Make out sessions in OTHER ways;
▪ Discussing each other fears;
▪ Loves you unconditionally;

Part three? I'm not so sure😳

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