Nineteen | 59 days, 20th hour

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Nineteen | 59 days, 20th hour

Tristan suddenly flops down on my back, sighing deeply as he circulates his wrists.

          “Do you have a bandage?” He murmurs as he leans backward, making go forward. “My knuckle’s sorta bleeding.” He tries to joke despite the circumstances. When I don’t reply, he asks Chace instead, who’s sitting across the court.

          “Nah, man, don’t have one.” Chace grins, shaking his head.

          We look at the pile of corpse on the floor. “That should lessen the people we have to attack for a while, no?” Tristan inquires, shaking his head from blood and sweat. He then wipes his hand on his cargo pants.

          Then finally, like I expected since I suddenly joined their fight midway, the boys stares at me with confused expressions. “I thought you weren’t going to fight for a while since your parents are here?” Asks Chace.

          I remember what happened yesterday at the student council room, and instantly frown. “Something came up,” I tell them, smiling a fake smile. “And I sort of wanted to forget it so I decided to do some fighting.”

          “You punch well,” Tristan agrees, nodding his head. “Well, let’s go grab something to eat.”

          “Your treat?” Chace chuckles.

          “My treat,” I voice out with a smile.

          The boys shake their head. “No way. Our treat.” Chace says while Tristan answers, “Sure.” They then look at the other, and say the opposite words instead. Finally, they shrug, and say in unison the word: Starbucks.

          Without further more to say, we head to the nearest Starbucks in the area using Tristan’s care. Unlike Colton, Tristan drives much safer. “He’s only driving safer because you’re here,” Chace chides, grinning.

          As we reach Starbucks, we make orders and wait for a while on an empty table. Tristan’s leaning his arms over at the table, and Chace is busy studying about something from his classes. I’m just mindlessly staring at the window outside, waiting for dark to come out but the sun’s still high.

          “So what’s up?” Chace finally asks without looking up from his book.

          “What’s up…?” I repeat slowly, cautiously.

          He turns a page from his book. I don’t get how he can talk while read at the same time – I honestly have a hard time doing that. “Last time, I watched you fight. I mean, I sort of know how you fight. You were fighting like you were angry a while ago.”

          I bit the lower part of my lip, turning away from the boys. “Nothing.”

          “Is it that black haired nerd?”

          “He’s not a nerd,”

          I can see them smirking from the reflection of the window. “We hit a soft spot,” Chace says while he’s still reading his book, that leer still on his lips. Tristan then asked me, “What did the guy do this time, Stel?”

          Wondering if I should tell them, finally I give up the idea and continue. “Well, it’s just that I think he wants to hide the fact that we like each other. With him being president and me being a delinquent. Should I like, just accept that?”

          “Well, if that’s just his reasons, he’s a dick.” Tristan responds with this glower on his face.

          “Personally, I think if he’s only thinking about his position, he’s an ass.” Chace answers.

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