Leo x reader ~Cuddles~

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You walked into the lair and said hi to Mikey and Raph who were sitting watching TV."Where's Leo" you ask as you stand near the couch."Dojo." Mikey said, eyes not moving from the screen of the TV."Meditating" Raph said looking up at you, shrugging. "Been doin' that a lot lately." You nodded. You had seen that Leo had been meditating a lot more than usual lately. You frowned and walked to the dojo. You wanted him to stop and take a break. Breaks were needed every now and again.You saw Leo near the tree. His eyes closed and he looked concentrated on meditation. You walked up to him and kneeled in front of him. "Leo?" You asked quietly. He didn't respond so you said his name a bit louder. "Leo?" You saw his eyes shift underneath their pale green eyelid and saw his eye twitch. You knew he heard you. You placed your hand on his shoulder and looked straight at him. "Leo." You said, your voice with a cold edge. He opened his eyes and his eyes were like daggers. "Yes?" He asked. His voice cold, annoyed."Leo, your brothers tell me that all you've been doing is meditating. It's not good to continuously keep at it without a break. Come get something to eat or drink or come cuddle?" You smiled, hoping to soften him a bit so that he would come cuddle. His facial expression did not change and your smile faded."(Y/N) I need to meditate. I have already eaten and I have water in the dojo. Thank you." He closed his eyes again. You looked at him, stood up and put your hands on your hips."Fine, if you would not like to hang with me I'll go somewhere else and when it fits your fancy you can cuddle with tree." You huff and walk out, plopping yourself down next to Mikey who was now on the couch. Raph no where to be seen."You ok?" Mikey asked. You sigh and shake your head no. Mikey opens his arms and gives you a hug. You sit there with him watching TV with him until you hear a cough behind y'all. You both look behind you to see Leo, looking sheepish and rubbing the back of his neck. "(Y/N) I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't have ignored you and I should have come with you when you talked to me. I am so sorry. Forgive me?" Leo asks, hesitantly smiling. You and Mikey look at each other and you both smile at each other. You look up at Leo and nod, standing up and squeezing Mikey's shoulder before you walked around the couch to Leo and hugged him. "Of course I forgive you Lewo." You say quietly and smile. He smiles and hugs you back. "You wanna go cuddle now?" He asks you. You nod and he takes your hand and leads you to his room. You both lay down and he hugs you from behind, holding you tightly. You knew then as you both layer there, no words needed, that this was perfect. With Leo with you, you could do anything, you felt at peace and felt so loved. As you reached for his hand that was around your waist and squeezed it gently you hoped he felt that way too.

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