Raph x reader ~Cuddles~

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I sat on Raph's bed, skimming a comic book he had on his night table. I wasn't really paying attention to it as I listened to him complain and drone on and on and on about his brothers. How annoying they are, what they do and don't do, how they always harp on him. You loved him, you truly did, but enough was enough."Leo was telling me that my stance wasn't correct. He was on me even though I saved his shell! Why can't they just see-" You cut Raph off."That you all need each other? That you all have strengths and weaknesses and in a battle, somehow, you cover up each others weaknesses with your strengths and become an amazing crime fighting unit?" Raph stood there in shock. "I'm sick of hearing it Raph. Honestly. You and your brothers should try to get along not be harping on each other and fighting. I swear. If you would just calm down and not take it as a personal offense every time Leo tries to correct you, you would see that it wasn't meant to hurt you but help you." "(Y/N)..." You get up and put your hands on Raph's chest, fingering the crack that was in his shell. "You need to be more understanding. Try and see where they're coming from. Please?" You looked up at Raph, his eyes softening as he looked into yours."I'll try. For you." You smile and reach on you tip toes and softly kiss him. "I love you." You whisper, laying your head in the crook of his neck. He laid his head on yours and you could feel him smile. "I love you too, (Y/N). So much. So freaking much." He guided you to his bed and laid back on his shell while your head was on his plastron. You smiled as you found the tails of his red mask and began fiddling with them. You felt his arms wrap around your waist and he kissed your head. "How about we talk about something else, like the new Ironman comic you found?" He smiled and nodded. This began the two hour long discussion about the new comic and the comic after that.

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