Way to Annoy: A Host of a Party (20 ways)

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These are for annoying the host or hostess of a party you DO NOT want to be at.


1.) clog the toilets with multiple rolls of toilet paper

2.) act like their house is your house. Take things and go into random rooms as you please

3.) jump on the furniture

4.) sit creepily in the corner murmuring about "the voices"

5. ) play multiple unfitting songs from your phone, tablet, or iPod touch with the volume on high

6) eat all the food set out

7.) ignore everyone and just sit there like a statue

8.) ask your parents every one to two minutes if your going to leave soon really loudly

9.) pour your soda on their carpets

10.) steal the sheets on their bed

11.) scream, cry, and thrash around like a little two year old

12.) glare at them every time you see them

13.) dress in a swim suit at a winter party and in snow clothes at a summer party

14.) hop into their pool ((if they have one)) in full clothing

15. ) push them in a pool

16.) throw eggs from the second story of their house at them

17.) get in their home computer and email random people

18.) take their phone as a hostage until you leave

19.) ask them random useless questions about life

20.) tell sad stories about your dog, "scruffy", who apparently died

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