Preferences: Dating Him I

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First of all, I wanna hug this girl so bad because I love her one shots book, she's a fantastic writer and I'm addicted to her stories. And also she's the one who started the preferences ( I guess 😄) and we're all going to eternally love her for this. harsita_ I definitely Love you, we all love you😍❤. Please go check her wonderful work📖


Sebastian Vettel
Hugs all the time;
He loves watching movies;
▪ But he can't stay quite;
▪ Arguing about nothing;
▪ You're his Liebling;
▪ "You look sexy when you're mad princess, want to be mad in my bed?";
▪ Rolls his eyes everytime the main character does something stupid and loses his girl;
▪ His hands are everywhere;
▪ Whining at small things;
▪ Hugging you from behind while you're cooking;
▪ Being overprotective while going out because you're his women;
▪ Brushing your hair because he likes it.
▪ Lights on;
▪ He's too loving;
▪ Giggles together;
▪ Shirtless because you love his body;
▪ Make out sessions;
▪ He likes to listen to you, it doesn't matter the subject;
▪ Stares all the time.

Max Verstappen
▪ Gentle bangin' first thing in the morning;
▪ Make out sessions because he's always trying to seduce you;
▪ Sitting on his tight while he plays video games because he can fuck you easily;
▪ Gym is upstairs, or everywhere;
▪ Dinner out because he wants to show you off;
▪ "How are you feeling princess? How was your day? You need anything?";
▪ Kissing you everywhere in the middle of the street. "You're mine, that's all.";
▪ Tells you beautiful things;
▪ "Why watching movies if we can make our own upstairs?",
▪ Jealous even if the neighbours cat is staring at you;
▪ Kisses your temple to remind you that he loves you;
▪ Eating his healthy cookies experiments because he wants to learn for you.
▪ Falling In love with him more and more everyday because he's the best boyfriend ever;
▪ Always reminding you how beautiful you are and how much he loves you.

Daniel Ricciardo
Laughing so hard in bed that you forget how to breath;
▪ Drinks water directly from the bottle;
▪ Shouting his favourite songs all days;
▪ "Stop Yelling!" " StOp yeLliN." 😂
▪ Driving you to the corner to kiss you and almost rip your clothes just to apologise;
▪ He's intense;
▪ Messy eating ( Lol) ;)
▪ He wants to go biking, to fuck you in the middle of the forest
▪ He only wears boxers inside your house.
▪ Twirling hair;
▪ Always in good mood;
▪ Listening to music together, just listening;
▪ Hearing about his theories of shoey and the human kind;
▪ "What I told you about biting your lip while we're just talking baby girl? Bend over, I'll fuck you now!"
▪ Tells you how beautiful you are.
▪ Loves your smile more than anything.

Lewis Hamilton
D O M I N A N C E;
▪ Foreplay that lasts like forever;
▪ Tender makeouts in the kitchen;
▪ lilac and red marks everywhere;
▪ Staring attentively and loving at you when you're distracted;
▪ "You're so beautiful"
▪ Laughing at farts;
▪ Showering together
▪ "You wanna talk about this? I'm here for you baby girl!"
▪ Arguing about 'things'
▪ Unexpected "I love you!"
▪ Making out in a way you only thought happened in the movies;
▪ Sweet husky voice full of promises and love;
▪ Up all night to talk about life or to make love to you;
▪ Admires your face;
▪ He can be really funny;
▪ The owner of the best compliments;
▪ Thinking about doing it vs Doing IT in other ways vs DOING IT;
▪ Staring deeply into each other eyes and not doing anything else.

Comment which one is your favourite and if you want with any other driver. ♡

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