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     finn🐺: open the door

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open the door. my hands r full


    I immediately jumped off the couch, my hair bouncing with my every move, georgie ssprinting to the door as fast as his little paws could carry him. I gripped the gold doorknob and swung the door open, revealing my beautiful finnie, hands full with countless bags of god knows what.

     before I could say anything, he rushed passed me, over towards the couch, struggling to hold up the bags. I heard a honk and switched my gaze to the truck in front of my house. finn's mother's head poked out moments later, her greeting me with a warm smile.

     "hi, lily!" she yelled. "hi, Mrs. Wolfhard!" I yelled back. "dont have too much fun!" she jokingly yelled in response, before getting back into her truck and driving off. I awkwardly nodded and closed the door, now giving my attention to the curly head young man, who is now sitting on my couch, playing with my puppy.

    I walked over to the two boys and took a seat next to him, georgie immediately jumped in my lap and began licking over my face. I smiled down at the small cotton ball whilst finn stared down at me. I eventually looked up at him and furrowed my eyebrows. "what?" I asked in curiously.

     he shrugged then leaned forward, giving me a peck kiss. "youre just so beautiful." he said, causing me to smile harder. "youre such a dork, Wolfhard." I told him, as my eyes carelessly fell on the large pile of food and such on my, previously cleared coffee table.

    "what's all this?" I asked. "oh! I figured I'd probably be staying the night...or weekend, wink wink. so, i got us some snacks, dog food for my son, old Disney movies, meme sunglasses, um some of that Japanese soda because I know you like that shit and...oh! some fries...because, I know you like fries." he explained, then looking at me, wearing a large smile.

    I sighed and shook my head at the boy sitting in front of me. "what am I gonna do with you?"

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