Chapter 17: The Rabbits Slowly Walk Forward

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Why can't I open my mouth?

I really should say something this time, but I really did not know what to say, even my eyes were shut tight as I did not dare to look at the person in front of me.

"This..." The president seemed to be looking at me with a very difficult expression on.

My mind began to wander as it suddenly emerged with a lot of ideas, and my heart felt very comfortable as I said: "I know that you were having a bit of drink last night, we are both adults, obviously we were just fooling around, nothing serious."

I finished that as I closed my eyes tightly.

"Fooling around? Who is fooling around?"

Ah? I suddenly opened my eyes and saw the president furrow his brows deeply, with his thin lips tightened.

The president has a very beautiful lip line, last night with such beautifully contoured lips he...

My face became even hotter, and I looked at him in panic, feeling totally lost.

"Do you want to go back on those words you said last night?"


"You said you want to be with me." He casted down his eyes as if he was embarrassed.

He remembers? In those romance novels written, usually in this case the drinker would be the one to forget about everything the next morning, then put on his clothes and leave some money on the nightstand, and hurriedly leave the scene.

I was still lost in my own thoughts when I felt something hot and hard rubbing against my thigh.

I got surprised for a moment as I saw the president's ears turn a crimson color.

Even my body also started to heat up, the morning for men is considering as the most terrible time of the day.

When the atmosphere eased down a little bit, now it became all awkward again. I could also feel his body also heating up, I bit down on my lips thinking if I were as bold as some people, then I would know what to do in this situation.


He leaned over and buried his face in my shoulder so I couldn't see his face as he vaguely said: "Call my name."

I really could not withhold it any longer, my heart was about to jump out of my ribcage.

"An, An Yuan..."

He held my arms tightly, then whispered a word in my ear.

"What?" Even if he was so close to me, I still did not hear it.

He lifted his head to look up at me, his eyes were moist and bright.

He asked me: "Can we do it again?"

I stared at him and said: "Um."

Oh god, let me die now.


Making love is a very troublesome activity, especially the sex between two men.

Alright, in actuality it is very pleasurable, but the bottom one always has it tough. After that the president, uh, I should be calling him An Yuan now...helped me into the bathroom, and then helped me clean up my body, during that process I saw that he got excited again, but this time we were very understanding and chose to ignore it.

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