Chapter 15: To Make a Choice

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I directly pressed the power button.

I stared intensely at the "No signal" on the screen, in the end I had to turn the screen off.

If there is a chance... it would be wonderful, so wonderful that I would never dare to think of it.

Now that someone had mentioned it my heart began to ache little by little. The feeling that I had been so very careful to conceal was beginning to open up; it had me eagerly yet timidly looking forward to the feelings.

Looking forward ah... I smiled bitterly.

Suddenly my phone began to vibrate surprising me a bit, I looked at the unfamiliar number. I frowned while feeling a bit strange. I didn't know why my heart was feeling a bit uneasy.

After I picked up the call, a low voice said:

"Hello, I'm Guan An Yuan."

I know I'm very vulgar but it's like what people usually read in so many novels, it was as if something had exploded in my mind. This kind of low voice, strange yet familiar, it was as if I was being returned to those mornings in the past where I listened to him in the elevator saying, good morning.

Did he actually call me? Why is he calling me? How does he have my phone number? For a moment I was thinking about all sorts of things. In the end it seemed like I was not thinking at all, I was so nervous that I almost hung up.

"President I..." I didn't get to go into my, without punctuation speech when he interrupted me.

"I want you to listen to me first."

I stopped talking, yet my hand was still trembling as I held the phone. I didn't know why I've become this useless, but as far as I could tell my face was becoming extremely red.

" something that I should tell you face to face, but it seems if I don't say it now it would be too late, that's why I called you......"

I nervously listened to him, he seemed to be having trouble saying the last words, which made me become more and more flustered. But it looked like he still hadn't reached the main point.

"Don't accept."


"Don't accept that person."

I felt like someone was setting my face on fire, I already knew the answer but asked again: "Which person?"

"It's the one who is pursuing you..." His voice slowly faded but suddenly became loud again: "No matter who it is, don't accept them. Only accept me."

I almost fell off my chair.

I clutched the phone in silence, my mind was blank, I didn't know what to say. The other line was also silent, only shallow rapid breathing could be heard.

"Perhaps it's a bit unexpected, but please believe me; I'm very serious about it."

His husky voice vibrated through my eardrum, I attentively listened to it. I was able to calm down enough to quietly ask: "Why me?"

I imagined how he would answer.

Actually, I am not a fool, I could vaguely guess it, but I just could not believe it to be true. How can a mere frog like myself believe that I can turn into a swan? Well, a toad is more like it, it's more to the point.

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