Abused mate #7

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Cole's POV (her mate/jerk/alpha)

      As soon as my lips touched hers fireworks started exploding inside me it felt like I had died and went to heaven in a matter of .2 seconds. But as quick as our lips touched it disappeared and all that was left was me wishing for more and a hard sting on my left cheek. Then I finally realized that she had slapped me!
      It took me a few seconds to my senses but when I did boy was she mad she looked ready to blow at any point and blow she did! "YOU CANT JUST COME INTO MY LIFE AND EXPECT ME TO FORGET EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE AND KISS ME LIKE NOTHING HAS HAPPENED!! You are going to have to work for me to even consider giving you another chance because at this rate that you are going I just might reject you!" Olivia yelled. My heart started beating so fast with worry because I was afraid that she was actually going to follow through and reject me, I wouldn't be able to live without being able to see her and feel the sparks when we got close, I don't know what I would do!? So I said the only thing that made sense to me at that moment, " You better believe me Olivia when I say this, I will be the best mate there ever has been and ever will be trying to make up what I have done to you over these years. I know that I don't deserve your forgiveness but please give me a chance to just prove to you that I can be the mate that you want, the mate that you DESERVE, I will spend the rest of my days in regret for what I have had to put you through and I will try to make it up to you every day that I am on this earth and I WILL convince you to give me another chance." And with that being said I walked out of her new room with a plan already forming in my mind on just how to start to win her back.

Ok guys words can't even describe how sorry I am for not updating in FOREVER!!! I promise I'm going to start to try to update at least once a week or every two weeks even if the chapters aren't that long so I hope this chapter was fun for you guys let me know what you think!! And sorry for keeping you waiting so long!!

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