Chapter 29 THE CITY

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‘Louis you know you’re only going 60km an hour on the freeway???’ Katie called out.

I stared at the speedometer and turns out she was right.

‘Please drive a little faster Lou, we want to get to the city before Christmas’ Harry said.

‘Who driving this car?’

‘You are’ Harry, Katie and I all said together.

‘So I drive how fast I want to drive’ Louis said, a smug smile playing across his face.

‘If you don’t go faster the police will pull you over again’.

‘Oh right’ he muttered and I watched the speedometer rise to 100.

Because my Dad sometimes works in the city, he has a car spot that his company owns in a car park under a building. So we drove in there and parked the car. My Dad won’t mind. His away this week anyway. The only problem is that the whole place stinks like rotting rubbish so we made our way out of there quite quickly.

‘So what should we do first?’ Harry asked as we walked along the street, dodging all the people. The boys were wearing jumpers with the hoods pulled up over their heads and sunglasses. Well it’s their fault for dressing like themselves!! Does that make sense? Yeah I think it does. I mean Louis is wearing strips and red chinos. Who else could it be??

There were so many people out on the street and I kept bumping into people. We walked along, had a look in some shops and Harry fell over twice. We showed the boys all the big touristy places as a good tour guide should but let me tell you I will never have a career in tour guiding.  At lunch time we made our way up to Fed Square and sat down on the big steps and ate some Mac Donald’s  .

‘So where to next?’ Katie asked me. I was sitting next to her with Harry on my other side while we watched Louis chase some pigeons around trying to find Kevin.

‘Have you ever been on a tram?’ I asked Harry. He shook his head in reply, still watching Louis.

‘Then that’s what we shall do. Can’t go to Melbourne without going on one of those death machines’.

 Harry nodded, still not looking at me. Is he even listening to me? I grabbed his face and pulled it around to face mine.

‘What Claire!’ He exclaimed.

‘Were you listening to me?’

‘Um.. yeah of course I was’ he said STILL not listening to me.

‘Oh really. What did I say then?’ I asked him, still holding onto his face.

‘Time machines?’

I left go of his face and pushed him away from me. I got up and walked over to Louis, ready to break up the fight he was having with the pigeon he had grabbed and was now holding in his hands. God the bird is going to need serious medical treatment.

**Harry’s point of view**

Oh she as taking about trams. Well it’s not my fault I wasn’t listening. I was watching Louis strangle Kevin who you will be happy to hear, is well and safe again.

I was standing at the tram stop with the others as we watched the tram stop before us. I had never seen a Melbourne tram before and they don’t look as bad as Katie and Claire made it out to be.

We walked across the road straight up to the doors. Louis got on first, followed by Katie.

**Katie’s point of view**

The tram stopped just in front of us and we all hurried to get on. Louis first then Katie. Harry stepped aside and beckoned me forward.

‘Ladies first’ he said with a slight bow. Ok now I was pissed off.

‘Of course, after you seeing as you are the young lady here’ I said

 He glared at me before stepping onto the tram.

‘That’s a good boy or girl I should say’ I told him as followed him up.

The tram wasn’t full just a few people here and there. We were able to get a seat at the back before the tram started moving and the fun began.

**Harry’s point of view**

HOLY SHIT I HATE TRAMS. There is no way those things are safe. That tram diver needs to get his licence checked because there is no way that he was going the speed limit. (A/N I HATE PUBLIC TRANSPORT!!)

The girls had been no help, just watching and laughing as Louis and I had tried to get our balance on that death machine.

It had started out alright, Lou and I standing in front of the girls. We weren’t holding on, trying to show that we are to cool to hold on. So when the tram stops at the next stop, Louis and I go flying. This happened for the next 5 stops until we were able to get back on our feet and HOLD ON. My advice to you is to never get on one of those death traps. Owwww I hurt all over.

Claire and Katie are bright red in the face from laughing so hard. It’s really not that funny. So we finally get off in I have no idea, then the girls inform us that we have to get back on ANOTHER tram because this was just a fun ride and now we need to go back. I swear I am going to get those girls back for this.

On the second tram there was no one on so we got the whole place to ourselves and the tram only stopped twice.

The trams stopped suddenly at our stop and we quickly clambered off. NEVER EVER AGAIN!!

After that we walked back to the car. It was about 4:30 now so yes the tram adventure took 4 hours. I was walking next to Katie, my hand in hers and when we got to the car, she pulled me into the back seat with her while Louis and Claire got in the front again.

Katie rested her head against my shoulder and sighed. She is perfect. The perfect girl for me. She is so beautiful and is the most amazing person to talk to. I feel like I can tell her anything and she will never judge me, never tell me that what I say is stupid.

Katie was sleep before we got on the freeway, her head still resting on my shoulder. I rested my head against hers and closed my eyes.

I love her and I want her to me mine. But there is just one small problem...

I think I’m in love with Claire...

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