Chapter 7

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(After walking away from Ri and Ash)

Why was I so stupid! Riley had always told me how much she hated Erin yet I dated her anyway! What kind of best friend am i?!

I walked the few houses home silently, just thinking how terrible I am.

As I walked inside my silent house I noticed Kira was stiill at Riley's. I left the door unlocked and saw there were some messages on the house phone.

'I hate you so much Ryder'

'I hope you realize we're over' 

'Never speak to me again'

All from Erin. Laughing, I deleted them. 

I walked up to my room and plopped on my bed, and put on some music.


It was around 3 in the morning and I had gotten no sleep. Kira came home not too long ago and I knew she was up because she was chatting on the phone with someone.

Turning off my music I dialed Riley's number.

Answer Riley.

After a few rings I heard her half asleep voice on the line.


Ry-It's me.

Ri- What Ryder? I was sleeping.

Ry-I'm sorry

Ri-Because i was sleeping or what

Ry-Because, regardless of what you said I dated Erin. I'm a terrible best friend, I knew how much you hated her.

Ri-Ryder, seriously I don't care. You're my best friend, I'm not gonna be that mad and if you're happy with her than good for you but uh I see you weren't so...what was the point of this call?

Ri-Nothing, go back to cuddling with Ash. Love ya Riley.

Ry-Night Ryder.

I hung up and laid back down before hearing someone enter my room.

"What?" I asked.

"Can I lay with you?" I heard Kira sniffle.

I sat up and looked at her sad face. "Do I want to know?" I asked.

"Not right now." she said and wiped her face.

"Sure." I said and moved over.

"You're a good brother, Ryder." she said and laid down next to me.

"You're a good sister." I said.

"Whatever, night." she said and we were both out like a light.



I woke up a few hours after Ryder's call. It was now around 8 in the morning.

"Ashhhhhhtoooonnnnn." I said as I moved out from next to him.

"What time is it?" he asked.

"8." i said as I stood up and got dressed.

"Ugh, what?" he asked.

"Nothing, you go back to sleep, it's not important." I said and once he was asleep I went down and made breakfast for him, stealing some bacon for myself, then went back up to my room.

"I'm going to Ryder's house." I said.

"Okay." he said and sat up to kiss my forehead before flopping back onto the bed.

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