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Madara's wife, Akuma Senju  was giving birth. He was sitting in a room across the surgery room, arms crossed and having an annoyed
expression. 'What is taking so long?!' Madara yelled in his head.

30 minutes later the midwife stepped out of the room. "Madara-sama your wife is alright along with the baby, you can go see her." The elderly Uchiha woman said. Madara stood up and started walking towards the room his wife has given birth. Somehow "eager" to see his new heir.

Akuma POV (Madara's wife)
I had given birth to a beautiful girl. Yes, a girl. I knew that Madara will be furious when he finds out that he doesn't have rightful heir. I thought of her name. She has the darkest black hair, very pale skin and the most gorgeous onyx eyes.
I think the perfect name will be Kira Uchiha (Senju). She's an enigma between two clans. But no one needs to know except me and her.

~Time skip~
3rd POV

"A GIRL?!!!?!" An outraged voice roars. Madara is now full on raging and glaring at his wife, that in his eyes failed to bring him good heir. "Please Madara-sama don't harm her, please?!" Akuma pleads with salty tears running down her face. Madara looks at his wife and glares even more. "What is a girl good to me?!" He yells at her. "Please Madara-sama I'll do anything if you let her grow up in the compound with me!" She says very desperately. Madara paused for a moment before grinning evilly. "Fine the monster can stay only if the next one will be a boy." His wife wiped her tears and nodded dismissively and held her daughter closer.

-sorry it's so short-

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