Chapter 11

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Angel's POV

I was running my hands through their fur soothingly, trying to get them to calm down enough to shift back.

Slowly but surely their growls got quieter until they stopped entirely.

I closed my eyes and covered them with my hands as the twins finally shifted back.

I heard them shuffling around the room until the bed dipped again as they sat on my both sides.

I took my hands away from my face slowly, wanting to be sure they were decent before looking.

Oh hot damn.

They were both wearing only sweatpants which hung low on their hips, revealing their carved-by-the-God abs.

I tried not to stare too long so that they wouldn't notice me staring but by the smirks on their faces I knew they caught me.

I looked into their eyes, only to realize that they were beginning to get dark again. Low growls emitted from them.

"Guys what's wrong?"

I really didn't want them to loose control again and get a repeat of earlier.

They were now holding my hands again and looking over my body as if searching for something.

"Where are you bleeding, little one?" Xavier tried to stay calm as he asked me that question but I could see that he was having a hard time restraining himself and his wolf.

"Guys, really it's okay. I'm fi-"

And then the fudging cramps decided to hit me.
I groaned low in my throat because of the pain and curled myself into a little ball with my hands on my stomach, massaging it to lessen the pain.

Both of them growled loudly and went frantic, trying to help me somehow.

"What is it, Angel? Where does it hurt??"

"It's... nothing." I got out through my teeth, still trying to get the pain to go away and slowly it began to do so.

"It's not nothing! You're clearly in pain, you're bleeding and you still refuse to tell us what's wrong!"

I realized that there was no point of beating around the bush or trying to hold it from them, they would find out sooner or later anyway.

I took a deep breath before saying quietly: "It's my time of the month." A part of me hoped they didn't hear it and the other part of me hoped they did so that I wouldn't have to say it again.


I whimpered quietly because I had stopped rubbing my stomach and the pain was coming back.

Their eyes went wide in panic upon hearing my small whimper.

Xander sat at the head of the bed, resting his back on the headboard and then pulled me to him by my waist so that my back was pressed against his front. His hands came around my waist and then onto my tummy, slowly starting to massage it, whispering soothing words into my ear.

"Baby I'll go to the store and when I come back I'll cuddle with you too, okay?"

I nodded at Xavier and he kissed my forehead.

He got up from the bed, went to the closet and put a shirt on, then left the room glancing at me once before closing the door.

Xander's hands were very warm on my tummy and it felt nice as he gently rubbed it.

I snuggled into him a bit more and closed my eyes, enjoying the warmth he gave.
I was already half asleep when Xavier came back with a bag in his hand.

I shifted onto my other side as I smiled at him tiredly.

Xander hadn't stopped rubbing my tummy so that there was no pain to bother me.

Xavier only chuckled as he came closer, putting the bag down near the bed and then sitting next to us.

"Is our little one tired?" His knuckles grazing my cheek as he looked at my half asleep state adoringly.


I just hummed as a response, eyes already closed. I snuggled my head more into Xander's chest, inhaling his nice foresty scent. It made him let out a sound between a growl and a purr in approval.

The next thing I know is that there is a warm and heavy weight on my legs so my eyes snapped open in surprise.

Xavier was there - shirtless once again - and hugging my hips. Well at least my feet were warm now.

Xavier looked up as if feeling my gaze on him - which he probably did - and smiled at my droopy state.

"Go to sleep, little mate."

I was now pouting at him.

"But I just got up-"

"Doesn't matter. You're tired, which means you need to sleep. Now go to sleep, we'll be here when you wake up."

Then Xander took out a blanket from somewhere and draped it over me, kissing the top of my head.


It was gently whispered into my ear and I finally relented and closed my eyes.

"For God's sake, Xander I actually do know how to walk and I'm fully capable of moving around by myself!"

"No," he growled at me again while holding me down on the bed by my waist.

I groaned and fell backwards onto the bed, letting him spoon me and nuzzle my neck.

The twins hadn't let me out of the room for the whole week I had my period, carrying me to and from the bathroom and even fed me, like I wasn't capable of doing it myself.

If they had some Alpha stuff to do, then one would always stay behind to make sure that I 'didn't get hurt' or something.

They were constantly rubbing my tummy - which was pretty good if you ask me - and tried to make me comfortable while not letting me out of the bed.

"But I want to see the others. I haven't seen them for a whole week!" I was pouting at him, making my eyes big.

"No. The cramps could come back if you over exert yourself and we can't have that now, can we?" Xander replied sternly.


"No buts, princess. Now, how about a little nap? I'll get you some food afterwards."

I groaned again.

"I don't want to sleep! I want to stand up and see the others."

"Nuh-uh. Nap time, little one."


"Because I said so."

I was still pouting but there was no point in either of them when it came to things like this - trust me, I have tried to sway them the whole week - so I just laid back and closed my eyes.

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