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'You're going to need to quit your job.' Debbie said softly, looking at the dark brown floorboards of Lisa's now new apartment.

'I can't do that.' Lisa said, 'I can't.'

'Achilles doesn't know where you live now, he can't find you, if you go back to work I'm sure he'll be able to get it out of you, then imagine the trouble you'll be in.'

'I hate this being treated like I'm so powerlessly weak to him, I've only met him once and nothing happened, I'll just ignore him, blank him.'

Debbie sighed, 'He won't like that.'

'Well he can just deal with it. I haven't seen him in days anyway, he's probably given up.' Lisa didn't even understand why they all talked about him like he was some force to be reckoned with, he didn't seem like it to her. Maybe he was a different person now.

Debbie sighed. 'I guess I can't make you, but I strongly advise against this Lisa.'

She had then left. It wasn't that Lisa didn't like Debbie, she didn't really have an opinion on her, it was just she was so adamant on Lisa not doing things, whereas Lisa thought they were all going a bit over the top with the protection. It wasn't like he was going to kill her, right?

Adam was a lot friendlier than Debbie. They hadn't had very long conversations, but Lisa could definitely see them becoming friends, only friends though as she didn't really want Achilles to follow through on his threat. Not that she thought he would.

Adam had left back her belongings a few days ago. Everything had been fine except she knew her mobile phone had been messed with as the minute she had noticed it, she had found a new number on her phone that she definitely hadn't put there.  She had deleted it. She really didn't want to have any part in this. If she could have gone to last week when she was about to call, she would have just told herself it wasn't worth it. If only she'd listened to her better judgement.

It had been days since he'd shown up in her apartment and since then, she'd thought about him an awful lot which annoyed her since she'd only met him once and he was already seeming to get at her head. She needed to talk to someone.

She rang her best friend, Alison.

'Hey Alison.' she said when she picked up.

'Hey Lisa, what's up?'

'I was just wondering if you want to hang out, I have something kind of important that I need to talk to someone about.'

'Sure, sure, is everything okay?' Her voice was tinged with concern.

'Just let me explain, it's kinda complicated, wanna go for coffee?'

'Sure, I''l meet you in town in about a half an hour, is that okay?'

'That's cool.'

After walking down, wrapped up in a scarf, Lisa met her best friend outside their favourite coffee shop. Lisa hugged her, it had been so long since they had actually met up and Lisa didn't realise how much she actually needed this. They stepped inside and the ambiance of classical guitar music and the smell of fresh coffee comforted her.

'So,' Alison began as they sat down, 'Tell me everything.'

'Well, I did something stupid last week....' Lisa began.

After she had explained everything, Alison stared at her, open-mouthed.

'Wow.....I mean just wow.....That's quite the fucking mess.'

'Yep.' Lisa said nodding, 'According to the guys at Hire an Incubus, he's some unpredictable maniac.'

'Fuck, what are you going to do?'

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