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With his latest film out, Gifted and in the process of filming Infinity War - which is part of the Marvel franchise - Chris Evans is no stranger to being busy

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With his latest film out, Gifted and in the process of filming Infinity War - which is part of the Marvel franchise - Chris Evans is no stranger to being busy. We got to find out that he's at his busiest now that he's balancing his work with being a father, and we're excited to find out his view on this new chapter on his life.

First of all, congratulations on your parenthood, we've seen that you're enjoying it so far.

Yeah, I'm loving every second of it. [Chuckles] No, Amourette's been a blessing for us, honestly, she's just the best. She sleeps all night, she doesn't have any trouble with eating and she laughs when I try to be funny, so I'm not having any problems with her.

Were you afraid at first? Because obviously you're an uncle and you've previously stated that you've wanted kids of your own, but it's different when it's actually happening, especially given the nature of this expectancy.

I wasn't afraid, no, nervous, for sure, because as you said, it's a lot different to what you had planned, especially given that me and Riley weren't together at the time and we're not together now, so we didn't plan this. I don't think she even considered children this soon in her life, or at least it wasn't part of her plan. But we're ever close so we did manage to sort it out together and we're going good.

And you're living together, right?

Yep, we're living together. Me, her, Amourette and Dodger. We were actually worried that Dodger wouldn't like having a baby around but they're like best of friends, so my two kids get along, and my first kid gets along with my jellybean so I'm a happy guy.

I'm actually quite shocked you're not together, I think it's something that's baffled the internet really. Do you see yourselves becoming an item in the near future?

Do you want my honest answer to that? [Laughs] I really need to be careful with what I say because she will most likely read this interview, she likes to stalk what I do when I'm abroad.

See, you're basically married, ask her out already! But in all seriousness, on a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you with your current living arrangement?

Um, I guess, I'd say a very strong 9.

9? Why 9?

Can't tell you that's or I'll have to kill you. [Chuckles]

Fine, okay, I'll let the readers decide what it is that's stopping it from being a 10, but, how do you and Riley split the household chores?

Well, she's very practical with everything, she likes to be in the kitchen, she's happy to get messy, she does the diaper changes and all that, but she hates - and I mean hate - cleaning. So, naturally, that's my job, he dishes, vacuuming, mopping. That all me. When it comes to Amourette, I'm more playful with her during the day, and then the night time routine and going to check if she's awake is, um, is Riley's job.

I actually can't handle all this freindzoning, I might just quit my job if you don't get together. I'm curious now, though, who does the cooking?

That's a shared job, actually. We don't conform to traditional gender roles. We have a rota, and it's like, "Riley's cooking pasta today, and tomorrow we're ordering in, and the day after that Scarlett's bringing food." [laughs] Yeah, we're actually quite ordinarily boring.

No, you guys are cute, for real. You're like, family goals. But honestly, it's been a great pleasure talking to you and being really nose about your personal life, and so we finish on the final of question which is, what advice would you give to people who are expecting?

You'll never be prepared, no matter how prepared you feel. It's scary, and it's new and it's exhausting but you'll love every moment of it. The childbirth part is, um, you'll need like, a lot red wine after that or maybe a bottle of vodka. But no two babies are the same and everyone parents differently so of course you plan to the best of your ability but don't panic when things don't follow that plan, it's perfectly normal.


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