Chapter Twenty-Two

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His voice had an edge of panic in it, as he sat down shakily. "Well it's understandable." Biana said softly. "Understandable? Biana, how is keeping a killing machine in Exile understandable?" Sophie asked. "They should just kill it." Sophie shook her head. "Kill it?!" Nearly everyone echoed. Sophie nearly rolled her eyes. "Yes, kill it." She said meeting everyone's gaze one by one. "Remember the one I fought in the house? I read it's mind, and all it was thinking about was killing me, killing us. We all saw the way the one on the plane was, how desperate it was to kill us. Or draw blood. Those things, they have no other thoughts besides death. We saw the war." Sophie said. Uncomfortable Biana shifted under Sophie's gaze.

"It's still alive." Biana said. "It's not." Sophie argued, her shivering coming back. "They have no kind of...thoughts that can be changed or rehabilitated. They can't.... They can't do anything besides kill." Sophie said. "So we just kill them?" Tam asked coldly. "Because it's an inconvenience to us?" He asked. "No. Because if we don't who will? The council thinks they can lock up a whole army of those things in Exile."

"Hold up! Army? You said there was only one." Keefe said. All eyes turned to Sophie, and she was to late to realize her slip. She sighed, all she wanted to do was go to sleep and forget everything. She didn't want to deal with this. She looked at her boots, this wasn't fair. Once this was all over she was going to demand a vacation or something. Dex stood up from his normal seat beside her window, in the corner. "Sophie..." He said warningly, much as Sophie had done to get him to talk. Sophie looked at him. His eyes felt like he were digging out her secrets. "There is an army." She found herself saying. "How do you know?" Fitz asked, though the way his angry eyes glared at her she had a feeling he knew she had done something no one would have wanted her to do.

Sophie clenched her jaw shut, determined not to answer. She stared at the room full of people. Sandor stood beside her door, his thick arms crossed. "Think of the innocent lives that will be lost if one of those things are let loose." She said. "An army would be chaos." Sophie said. "Sophie, how do you know there is an army?" Fitz asked, not giving the subject up. "We have to stop them." Sophie said ignoring him. Before she knew it her back had hit the wall, and hands held her shoulders. Fitz's face was only inches from hers. His teal eyes glaring down at her. "How do you know?" His soft voice didn't match the glare. The coaxing tone was not what Sophie was expecting. "Demise told me." She whispered.

"Demise?!" Dex yelped. "The very Demise you said is the brother of Iver, the two who held you and Alvar captive?!" He asked. Sophie closed her eyes, "Remember you guys thought I was in the cave?" Sophie asked. When they didn't say anything Sophie looked up to see the distance Fitz had made, as he leaned back, he was holding her shoulders softly. "I went to talk to Alvar. Demise and him struck a deal, to take down the Neverseen. Demise is giving out information on his brother's plans, Alvar and I are trying our best to deflect those plans." Fitz ripped his hands off her shoulders, stepping back as if she had burned him.

"Iver is creating an army." Sophie said, Fitz looked hurt and betrayed, emotions flew across his face so fast, that Sophie couldn't read them. "I have to stop them..." Sophie looked around the room. "I can't do it by myself. I'm not that strong, I..." Sophie took a deep breath before forcing the words out.

"I need help."

"Than let us help." Dex said, "You keep shoving us away, I know we all hurt you in our own ways but let us help. We're here. That's what friends are for. That's what family is for. Trust us." He said. "How am I supposed to trust you, if you hurt me? How am I supposed to continue on while the people I trusted the most keep hurting me? How am I supposed to keep loving you all, when you've hurt me more than anyone?" Sophie asked, not even caring that her voice cracked.

"You tell me to trust you, and when I do, you turn on me. Betray me and hurt me worse than anyone else could. I've forgiven you all...over...and over again, and I don't know if I....." Sophie's vision blurred. "I don't know if I can anymore." Sophie said.

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