fading stars & uniformity

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today as i observed the stars fading, slowly at first then vanishing completely into the sunrisen horizon, it reminded me of us.


people living in a world full of other people.
the people being the horizon, the colours their diversity, yet they all fade into one clear blue that engulfs the sky for the majority of the day.
you and i, the stars. each a part of the distinct colours of the sunrise.
how easy it is to dim or lose our light, change our colour or try to fit in when you were born to stand out; wanting to be like everyone else instead of wanting to be ourselves.

wondering if anyone would notice or even care if we decided to drop out of the sea of colour, sea of blue. a crowd full of the same people, uniformity at its best, yet we find it so hard to make friends, get rest.

but just as the stars return each night and the colours of sunrise each morning before blue engulfs all, so do pieces of ourselves, glimpses that we accidentally let slip. that light, a little bit of colour.

that is until it's hidden, permanently. gone. forgotten. lost. until it doesn't come out even a little anymore. until it doesn't come out all.
you and i blend. we blend so well we become.

until we just exist.
and then one day, eventually, we're replaced by a brighter light, more colour and cease existing at all.

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