This story is set in 2134. The water has risen so much that very few countries are left but there is still alot of land as people build higher each year. Cruise ships are large, luxurious and very popular. The boat the story is set on is called The Mary Rose and is Very famous as it has been around for 50 years and hasn't yet been taken down by the sea.






Splash! Jade jumped into the deep, dark blue pool drenching the people around her.

"Ha, ha, you look wetter than a fish!" Kat giggled, pointing at the flailing girl.

"You look like a fish!" She exclaimed through chattering teeth.

"I'm not wet though!"

"You will be!" Jade lunged toward Kat, grabbed her arms, and pulled her in. Splash! She was totally drenched. "Told you that you were a fish. And you smell like one too."

"Hey!" Kat pummelled her playfully in the stomach.

Jumping off the deck chairs, came Connor, rushing to the pool's edge. Then with one giant leap, he curled up into a ball and sent the water flying.

"Now that's what you call a CANNON BALL!" He yelled as he broke the surface of the water. We laughed so hard that we almost drowned. "What?" He said, shaking droplets from his short, black hair. Kat immediately pointed at his waist. He looked down, and put on an embarrassed face, his lmfao swimming trunks were around his ankles. "Oops," he giggled as he bent over to pull them up.

As he leaned over, he did a flip, because he was in the water, not on land. Whilst upside down, his butt went up and everyone broke into more laughter. Jade was about to start crying with laughter when she realized that the cute but stupid face didn't pop up. She waited another second to see if he was alright, but his dark hair was nowhere to be seen.

"Is he dead?!" Kat enquired, stunned at his disappearance.

Slowly, Jade waded out to the place where Connor's butt was last spotted. Nothing. The deck was quiet with the shock of losing someone. Jades heart pounded in her head so hard that it hurt. Connor was annoying but she couldn't bare to lose him.

"Connor," she whispered worried that he would never return. Suddenly a scream crackled the air as a shape rose out of the water and landed on Jade. A courus of screams lifted as the thing pushed her into the murky depths. She opened her mouth to wail but it filled up with water. Her arms flailed in vain but it was no use, she couldn't get to the surface. Her lungs ached with the lack of air. Giving up, she let herself sink. Just as she was about to pass out, the weight lifted, and whatever it was, grabbed her wrist in its strong grip and dragged her away with it. Her lungs tried one last time to breath air but she was far from it and she lost all feeling and consciousness. It was all over in a matter of minutes.


Jade woke with a start. Her head ached and she coughed out a load of sour water. "Are you all right?" Kat asked worried. She opened her mouth to reply, but it ended up in another bout of coughing.

"W... What happened," Jade groaned holding her head. But before Kat could reply someone thrust their way between them.

"Are you OK?" He asked, almost crying, "i'm so sorry! I didn't mean it! honest!" Jade looked up to see the unmistakable face of Connor. "It was a stupid trick to play. I'm sorry."

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