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Pen Your Pride


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  • Dedicated to Drew


Love hurts.

Love conquers all.

Love is blind.

Love does not mind the things surround it.

Love - things would be perfect though it isn't.

Love would always be the most topic of everybody.

Love. Being in love would be the best feeling you'll ever encounter in your whole life and at the same time, the worst.

Forbidden love? It sucks. Yeah it really does. Martyrdom? Fine. Its the most idiot thing one could ever do when it comes to the effin' L-O-V-E.


"What if I'll walk out in your life? Mamimiss mo ba ako?"

"Yeah super! Pero wag mo gagawin!"

"Ayaw mo ba akong bitawan????"

"Ayoko! Napa-MAHAL ka na rin sa'kin ee."

I dunno kung maniniwala ako sa sinabi niya.. Haaay. :(

This would be the most romantic thing I've ever heard in my life, yet the most difficult thing to accept.

Perhaps you might say "aww. That's sweet." naaaaaaaah! I don't think so.

I am Ashley Arcangel but they often call me Ash and I like it more when they call me that name, 18 years old and a sophomore HRM student in Arellano University Main Campus. I appear to be a tall gal because I am 5'6" tall, which I suppose everybody admires from me. (assuming!) I have a fair skin complexion and a wavy, curly, kinky hair. (well actually hindi naman talaga ako kulot nung bata ako ee)

I am also this kind of lady who had only one relationship that lasts for 1 year and almost 1 month. Well, perhaps ayaw Lang talaga sa akin ng love life. Haha.. Oh why?! O.o

Its really hurts to bid goodbye.

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