Hey squad, thank you for clicking on this story! You are in for an adventure my man so buckle up I got a few notices (-:

1. Inspiration: Monster was inspired by photos of nature or being outside. Honestly, I could stare a tree and come up with something. It's funny actually. And listening to chillstep; music without words also played a role in getting the brain wheels rolling.

2. Length and Updating: This book is gonna be long: about 65-70 chapters. It took months and months of planning. My update schedule was a little jacked (I updated once in two months) but I'm trying to get back into the every 5-8 days range. Cheerleading is a huge commitment for me and requires a lot of time, and I have to be a student first, so I don't get a ton of time, so please be patient with updates!

3. Rating: I'm trying to avoid f bombs to keep the rating at PG-13, but if it fits I'm using it. I'm a 16 year old girl so I'm aware that some elements in this book are a little adult, but isn't violence and sexuality and language and drama part of a fun story like I mean

4. Warning: So like there's gonna be a sex scene ok
It won't be super dirty with description, but I want it to be heavy with dialogue and emotion because its important for you to see the roundness of Pan's character at the end of the book and he lays it all out there so it's a fundamental chapter not just thrown in I promise omg

5. Speed of Events: I'll be honest. It's really annoying reading a Peter Pan book that isn't realistic. "Hi! I'm a jerk named Pan! I'm a monster! I'm inhumane and terrible!" Four chapters in, "god she's so beautiful ugh" and they make out like uh chill
Pan and the lead character don't fall in love for a while. I'm trying my best to make this as realistic as possible. Pan won't suddenly turn for her. He has to let the lead character in slowly, you feel? It's much more rewarding to read a story where they fall in love later and it's exciting and a "yes, finally!" Moment rather than an "oh ok you came to Neverland like two weeks ago but I mean that's cool"

6. Sequel: the sequel is gonna be a wild array of language, self-destruction, sexuality, and elements of fear, betrayal, love, torture, murder, brutality, monstrosities, etc so yeah if you're into that stay tuned bruh

7. Overall Goals: I have a few goals I'd like to achieve by the time I finish Monster (-:

1. At least 1 chapter has over 20,000 reads.

2. Every chapter has 100 votes or more.

3. The story has over 5,000 comments.

4. I'll have at least 800 followers.

5. The entire story has 250,000 reads.

So yeah, by the time I finish it'd be so cool to achieve these! As a reader, it would be amazing if you guys could contribute to this! Thank you!!

8. Contact and Fanmail: I'm not famous or exciting or anything but I'll take my chances so here is how to contact me

1. Kik: @miasalvano8

2. Snapchat: @miasalvano

3. Personal twitter: @m_salvano
Fan account twitter: @xdreamshade

4. Instagram: @miasalvano

5. Tumblr: @miasalvano

im like a really anxious person and I'm really self conscious and writing is the one thing I sorta kinda like about myself so sorry if I sound cocky I just ugh anyway

Sorry for all the notes, I hope you enjoy the book! <3

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