Hello Kitty Underwear

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Her hair was like a waterfall of knots; a nest of unkempt mahogany that plastered itself on the eggshell white pillow cases like a canvas. Her soft snores were like music to Justin's ears, a melody that no one could even attempt to plague with a finely tuned acoustic guitar. Her plump lips were slightly agape where a dribble of drool leaked and stained the sheets in a dark blob underneath her chin. Carefully adjusting himself on the edge of her bed, his fingertips danced along her exposed ankle until a smile lit up her restless, sleeping face. He loved her smile. He loved the way her features looked so childish when her lips expanded. Her almost permanent stern face brightened up whenever one of her dimples chiseled into her cheekbones. Her legs wiggled uncomfortably in the bed and a grimace swallowed her face as her eyebrows knitted together frustratingly. What seeped from her lips next made Justin feel like he was in the first row on a roller coaster, his stomach lurching with fear and yet filling with maximum excitement. 

"Justin..." Parvati groaned, stretching out her body so her legs sprawled over his lap. Sinking back into her mattress, Justin's breath harbored in the sea of his throat, the longing for air not coherent.

He studied her like he would with musical notes, scanning over her peace riddled face and her chest that heaved and pulsed rapidly with every rigid breath that shook her. She said his name. She said his name in her dreams. Did this mean she was dreaming of him? He didn't quite know. He had never known Parvati was a sleep talker. In fact, he had never known Parvati had dimples until he really focused. Until his dark drab eye's saw her in a whole new light — a light where she wasn't just that beautiful girl, that one girl he made a bet with. His eyes now caught the tiny things; the once unseen actions that he had never noticed about her. It was if he was looking at her in a whole new lens - a whole new way where just the sound of her blustering snores could make his heart falter and threaten to stop.

"Get up, get up, get up out of bed or else I will kiss you until you are dead," Justin sang sweetly into her eardrum, his octave's going high than low with each note he sang. Undeniably, Parvati loved his smooth voice and silky vocals that were able to reach a limit of singing she had never even heard and she wouldn't mind if he woke her up so gently — and sweetly — like this every morning.

"I'm tired Justin go away," 

"But I bare gifts," he shifted next to her, lying on his side while he propped himself up on his elbow. 

"Gifts? What do you mean gifts?" Turning over onto her side, she sleepily stared up at him through thick eyelashes.

"That sure woke you up," Justin chuckled. "But here, go shower, change into this and y'know, do all that girl shit — then meet us out in the living room."

Shoving a glossy material towards her, Justin bounded out of the room in a flash — the will and determination that it took not to touch her or kiss her almost unbearable. Parvati gently fingered the cottony fabric, realizing whole heartily what it was and how she'd unmistakably fall in it.

A mist of water circulated around her, the smell of steak arousing her taste buds. A waterfall, merely centimeters away, spat lingering water onto her arms where the steaming Bahama heat wrapped around her exposed skin. Justin's eyes stayed placed on her's, her brunette hair in a sloppy bun compared to the tight ones that hadn't a hair out of place. The restaurant was fancy, filled with pristine dresses and stickily girls that wouldn't dare order the steak like Parvati had. And he loved it. He loved the way only mascara lined her eyelashes and the way her bun was low and strands were out of place.

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